Sword Art Online Limited Edition Box Set 1 Unboxing

See in great detail just what is included in the first limited edition blu ray box set of Sword Art Online season one.

Aniplex originally released several limited edition box sets for the popular anime Sword Art Online. The first season was split into four special edition sets, each with their own bonus content and limited items.

This first limited edition box set features the first seven episodes of the anime in 1080p high definition, and a choice of either English Dolby Digital 2.0 or Japanese linear PCM stereo audio.

Bundled with the blu ray is a limited edition original soundtrack CD featuring 33 tracks by the artist YUKI KAIJURA. Those tracks are:

  1. swordland
  2. feel uneasy
  3. everyday life
  4. quiet strain
  5. no way
  6. stand at bay
  7. weird place
  8. survive the swordland
  9. taut nerves
  10. a tense situation
  11. a strategy meeting
  12. in your past
  13. march down
  14. left in suspense
  15. we have to defeat it
  16. at our parting
  17. confront battle
  18. at our parting ~piano only
  19. luminous sword
  20. at our parting ~Vc only
  21. a close battle
  22. a tender feeling
  23. a narrow escape
  24. he rules us
  25. fight!
  26. a tiny love
  27. smile for me
  28. gracefully
  29. a squabble
  30. with my friend
  31. the first town
  32. at nightfall
  33. despaired

Also included is a 16-page deluxe illustration booklet. Some of the artwork is from the Japanese limited edition volume covers and some are from magazine art galleries.

The final piece of included merch are seven pin-up illustration postcards. These are all one-sided, and are the size of a typical postcard.

The boxes for both the blu ray and original soundtrack CD feature special two-sided illustration in clear BD cases. All are packaged inside a cardboard box with illustration by abec.

And that’s all there is to the Sword Art Online Limited Edition Blu-Ray Box Set number one. It’s pretty ridiculous that the first season was split into four box sets, and each one is insanely priced, but luckily they re-released the entire first season in a more affordable, singular box set. Purchase the full season box set from Amazon at this link here. Use my link and I will get a small cut but it won’t cost you anything extra! It’s just to help my website financially.