Route 25

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Type Candy Area LGP LGE
Pidgey Normal/Flying Quick Land X X
Psyduck Water Smart Land X X
Oddish Grass/Poison Smart Land X
Bellsprout Grass/Poison Mighty Land X
Venonat Bug/Poison Courage Land X X
Squirtle Water Tough Land X X
Magikarp Water Quick Sea X X
Poliwag Water Quick Sea X X
Poliwhirl Water Quick Sea X X

Route 25 is the peninsula east of Route 24, which is north of Cerulean City. The patch of tall grass contains the same species of wild Pokemon as those found on Route 24. A Hiker will be standing next to the only patch of tall grass on the route.

Hiker Franklin

Onix ♂ Lv.14 Type Rock/Ground
Bind Rock Throw
Normal Physical Rock Physical
Stealth Rock Rage
Rock Status Normal Physical

Defeat Franklin to receive P560 and 3 Poke Balls. To the east are two more Pokemon Trainers. The one on top is a Bird Keeper, and the one on the bottom is a Youngster.

Bird Keeper Joey

Pidgeotto ♂ Lv.15 Type Normal/Flying
Gust Quick Attack
Flying Special Normal Physical
Mirror Move Wing Attack
Flying Status Flying Physical

Defeat Joey to receive P900 and 3 Poke Balls. South of Joey is a Super Potion slightly hidden between a few bushes north of the Youngster.

Youngster Chad

Diglett ♂ Lv.12 Type Ground
Scratch Sand Attack
Normal Physical Ground Status
Growl Agility
Normal Status Psychic Status

Defeat Chad to receive P240 and 3 Poke Balls. To the east is another Youngster Trainer.

Youngster Dan

Ekans ♂ Lv.12 Type Poison
Poison Sting Leer
Poison Physical Normal Status
Acid Bite
Poison Special Dark Physical
Rattata ♂ Lv.12 Type Normal
Tail Whip Quick Attack
Normal Status Normal Status
Focus Energy Bite
Normal Status Dark Physical

Defeat Dan to receive P240 and 3 Poke Balls. Directly south is another Hiker Trainer.

Hiker Nob

Geodude ♂ Lv.14 Type Rock/Ground
Sand Attack Bide
Ground Status Normal Physical
Rock Throw Stealth Rock
Rock Physical Rock Status
Machop ♂ Lv.14 Type Fighting
Leer Focus Energy
Normal Status Normal Status
Bide Seismic Toss
Normal Physical Fighting Physical

Defeat Nob to receive P560 and 3 Poke Balls. To the east are two Pokemon Trainers. It’s very important to remain near the southern side of the route so one of the Trainers walks downward and opens up a path to an item behind him.

Picknicker Kelsey

Goldeen ♀ Lv.13 Type Water
Peck Tail Whip
Flying Physical Normal Status
Supersonic Quick Attack
Normal Status Normal Physical

Kelsey will give P260 and 2 Great Balls.

Camper Dustin

Squirtle ♂ Lv.13 Type Water
Tackle Tail Whip
Normal Physical Normal Status
Water Special

Dustin will give P260 and 2 Great Balls.

If you had Dustin walk toward you, you should be able to pick up TM16 Thunder Wave on the other side of the bushes. Continue eastward and pick up the Ether just before the next Trainer.

Lass Haley

Oddish ♂ Lv.12 Type Grass/Poison
Absorb Growth
Grass Special Grass Status
Acid Poison Powder
Poison Special Poison Status
Pidgey ♀ Lv.12 Type Normal/Flying
Sand Attack Gust
Ground Status Flying Special
Mirror Move Quick Attack
Flying Status Normal Physical

Defeat Haley to receive P240 and 3 Poke Balls. A few steps to the east of the last Trainer is a fisherman Trainer.

Fisherman Wayne

Magikarp ♂ Lv.14 Type Water
Normal Status
Krabby ♂ Lv.14 Type Water
Bubble Vice Grip
Water Special Normal Physical
Leer Harden
Normal Status Normal Status

Defeat Wayne to receive P560 and 3 Poke Balls. To the east of the Fisherman is a small cottage where Bill lives. Before you go inside, battle the Coach Trainer to the east.

Coach Trainer Amala

Machop ♂ Lv.16 Type Fighting
Seismic Toss
Fighting Physical

The reward for defeating Coach Trainer Amala is P1600 and TM15 Seismic Toss. Seismic Toss does damage equal to the user’s level. The Machop in this battle will always inflict 16 HP of damage on your Pokemon. After the battle, grab the Lure to the south.

Now you can enter Bill’s sea cottage. Inside is a science experiment gone awry. Help turn Bill back to normal and he’ll reward you with two S.S. Anne Tickets. The S.S. Anne is located in Vermilion City.

With that side quest taken care of, head back to Cerulean City and take on the second Pokemon Gym. If you’ve already obtained the Cascade Badge, the house above the Gym will now open up!