Route 1

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Type Candy Area LGP LGE
Pidgey Normal/Flying Quick Land X X
Rattata Normal Quick Land X X
Oddish Grass/Poison Smart Land X
Bellsprout Grass/Poison Mighty Land X

A short distance north is a Poke Mart employee. Speak with him to obtain a free Potion. Further north is a Trainer who will challenge you to a battle before you can leave Route 1 for Viridian City.

Youngster Ronny
Rattata ♂ Lv.3 Type Normal
Tackle Tail Whip
Normal Physical Normal Status

Don’t worry, this battle will be easier than your Rival. Defeat Ronny to receive P60 and 3 Poke Balls. Head north to return to Viridian City.