Post Game

After becoming the Pokemon League Champion, you will return to your home in Pallet Town. Your Rival will come up stairs and tell you about a powerful Pokemon in Cerulean Cave. That’s the next primary objective of the game.

Walk outside and your world will expand. This means you will be able to easily fly over ledges and other obstacles throughout Kanto. However, you will still have to go through route houses or gates between larger routes and cities. In addition to flying over obstacles, flying Pokemon can now be found in the sky instead of just about the tall grass. Every route will also have a rare spawn of Charizard, Dragonite, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Your neighbor Ronny will then tell you Master Trainers have popped up around Kanto. These are very strong Trainers who will battle you one on one with a specific species of Pokemon. See the Master Trainers page for more info. Defeat six Master Trainers to battle Trainer Red at the Indigo Plateau.


You can also re-challenge all eight Gym Leaders around Kanto, and the Elite Four and Rival at the Pokemon League.

Mega Stones

Return to the Pokemon League HQ and speak with the man in the Slowpoke outfit near the Pokemon Center. He will sell you various Mega Stones for P30,000 each.

Game Freak Office – Celadon Condominiums

The Final Coach Trainer of the game can be found in the Game Freak office of the Celadon Condominiums in Celadon City. Defeat Morimoto in battle to receive 10 PP Max. If he is not there, you will have to clear the Cerulean Cave first.

Kangaskhan ♀ Lv.54 Type Normal
Fake Out Sucker Punch
Normal Physical Dark Physical
Dizzy Punch Outrage
Normal Physical Dragon Physical
Machamp ♂ Lv.54 Type Fighting
Superpower Earthquake
Fighting Physical Ground Physical
Poison Jab Rock Slide
Poison Physical Rock Physical
Flareon ♂ Lv.54 Type Fire
Quick Attack Double Kick
Normal Physical Fighting Physical
Flare Blitz Superpower
Fire Physical Fighting Physical
Vaporeon ♀ Lv.54 Type Water
Quick Attack Double Kick
Normal Physical Fighting Physical
Hydro Pump Blizzard
Water Special Ice Special
Jolteon ♂ Lv.54 Type Electric
Quick Attack Double Kick
Normal Physical Fighting Physical
Thunder Shadow Ball
Electric Special Ghost Special
Dragonite ♂ Lv.54 Type Dragon/Flying
Dragon Pulse Blizzard
Dragon Special Ice Special
Fire Blast Thunder
Fire Special Electric Special

After filling your Pokedex with all 150 Pokemon, return to the Game Freak office and speak with one of the developers. He will give you the Shiny Charm, which increases your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

Vermilion City and Day Care

The Alolan Gym Leader Mina can be challenged to a battle once a day at the Vermilion City docks. She specializes in fairy-type Pokemon, which are weak against steel- and poison-type attacks. Defeat her in battle to receive a Bottle Cap.

Mr. Mime ♂ Lv.54 Type Psychic/Fairy
mr. mime
Psychic Light Screen
Psychic Special Psychic Status
Reflect Dazzling Gleam
Psychic Status Fairy Special
Wigglytuff ♀ Lv.54 Type Normal/Fairy
Flamethrower Thunderbolt
Fire Special Electric Special
Shadow Ball Dazzling Gleam
Ghost Special Fairy Special
Ninetales ♀ Lv.54 Type Ice/Fairy
alolan ninetales
Blizzard Dazzling Gleam
Ice Special Fairy Special
Dark Pulse
Dark Special

Bottle Caps can be given to the old man at the Day Care on Route 5. One Bottle Cap will max out a single stat for a Level 100 Pokemon. One Gold Bottle Cap will max out all six stats for a Level 100 Pokemon.

End Team Rocket Storyline

Team Rocket’s Jessie and James can be found near the middle portion of Route 17 looking out at the ocean – Route 17 is part of Pokemon Road. After defeating them, you will receive the Blast-Off Set for yourself and Partner Pokemon.

Team Rocket Jessie and James

Arbok ♂ Lv.52 Type Poison
Poison Jab Glare
Poison Physical Normal Status
Crunch Rock Slide
Dark Physical Rock Physical
Weezing ♂ Lv.52 Type Poison
Sludge Bomb Dark Pulse
Poison Special Dark Special
Flamethrower Thunderbolt
Fire Special Electric Special

Next, return to Team Rocket’s Hideout beneath the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City. Take the elevator on B1F all the way down to B4F. You will find Team Rocket Admin Archer with a letter. Defeat him in battle to hear what he wrote in the letter.

Team Rocket Admin Archer

Electrode Lv.54 Type Electric
Thunder Foul Play
Electric Special Dark Physical
Reflect Explosion
Psychic Status Normal Physical
Golbat ♂ Lv.54 Type Poison/Flying
Air Slash Crunch
Flying Special Dark Physical
Sludge Bomb U-turn
Poison Special Bug Physical
Magmar ♂ Lv.54 Type Fire
Fire Punch Thunder Punch
Fire Physical Electric Physical
Clear Smog Brick Break
Poison Status Fighting Physical
Weezing ♂ Lv.54 Type Poison
Sludge Bomb Dark Pulse
Poison Special Dark Special
Flamethrower Shadow Ball
Fire Special Ghost Special