Trainer Red Battle

The original protagonist of the Pokemon series is known simply as Red. He is still known as a legend in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, and has the strongest team in the entire game, with move sets similar to the first generation. Items cannot be used throughout the battle, so be sure your Pokemon are up for the challenge!

You can challenge Red to a Pokemon battle after defeating six Master Trainers throughout Kanto. He can then be found standing to the left of the Pokemon League entrance atop the Indigo Plateau. After the battle, he will disappear until you defeat the upgraded Pokemon League with the Elite Four and your Rival.

Pikachu ♂ Lv.85 Type Electric
ThunderBolt Brick Break
Electric Special Fighting Physical
Iron Tail Reflect
Steel Physical Psychic Status
Machamp ♂ Lv.85 Type Fighting
Superpower Fire Blast
Fighting Physical Fire Special
Earthquake Hyper Beam
Ground Physical Normal Special
Arcanine ♂ Lv.85 Type Fire
Heat Wave Crunch
Fire Special Dark Physical
Will-O-Wisp Roar
Fire Status Normal Status
Lapras ♀ Lv.85 Type Water/Ice
Ice Shard Waterfall
Ice Physical Water Physical
Body Slam Megahorn
Normal Physical Bug Physical
Snorlax ♂ Lv.85 Type Normal
Toxic Protect
Poison Status Normal Status
Rest Body Slam
Psychic Status Normal Physical
Mega Venusaur ♂ Lv.85 Type Grass/Poison
mega venusaur
Sludge Bomb Mega Drain
Poison Special Grass Special
Leech Seed Amnesia
Grass Status Psychic Status