Pokemon Mansion

Wild Pokemon
Pokemon Type Candy LGP LGE
Rattata Normal Quick X X
Raticate Normal Quick X X
Grimer Poison Health X X
Muk Poison Mighty X X
Magmar Fire Smart X X
Ditto Normal Health X X
Chansey Normal Health X X

The Pokemon Mansion is an abandoned building on Cinnabar Island. You must investigate the mansion to find the key to the Cinnabar Pokemon Gym. If you read all the open books, you can also uncover the mystery of a mythical Pokemon.

1st Floor

Many rooms on the ground floor will be locked off from the start. Walk over to the far east side of the building to find a Max Lure beneath a table.

Next, walk to the room on the far northwest side of this floor. A Max Repel can be grabbed next to an unusual statue. Investigate this statue to discover a hidden switch. Push this switch to open a locked door to the east.

Enter this newly opened room to find a Max Elixir. With this floor clear, take the stairs to the next floor.

2nd and 3rd Floor room

Once you reach the second floor, immediately go up the next set up stairs to the east. A Pokemon Trainer can be found within this very small room on the third floor.

Burglar Simon

Magmar ♂ Lv.44 Type Fire
Fire Spin Fire Punch
Fire Special Fire Physical
Confuse Ray Flamethrower
Ghost Status Fire Special
Muk ♂ Lv.44 Type Poison
Disable Sludge
Normal Status Poison Special
Screech Toxic
Normal Status Poison Status

Defeat Simon to receive P3520 and 3 Poke Balls. Below this Trainer is a Rare Candy. Return to the previous floor using the same staircase from earlier.

2nd Floor

Another statue with a secret switch is located near the staircase. Press the secret switch to change the doors. South of the staircase is a small room with another Pokemon Trainer. The Burglar will be standing near a Max Ether.

Burglar Arnie

Rapidash ♀ Lv.44 Type Fire
Take Down Quick Attack
Normal Physical Normal Physical
Fire Spin
Fire Special

Defeat Arnie to receive P3520 and 3 Poke Balls. Walk all the way southeast to find 3 Ultra Balls near a dead end.

Another room can be found to the west. Inside the room is a PP Up. If the door is locked, you will need to press the hidden switch on the statue near the staircase to change the doors.

Next, head all the way to the northeast corner of the floor to find a Max Revive in a room. On the desk of this room is a journal documenting the discovery of a new Pokemon.

To the south of this room is another room with a destroyed floor. An Escape Rope can be found near the collapsed floor.

Return to the statue near the staircase and press the hidden switch once more. This will close two doors you should have entered while opening the room to the northwest. Enter this room to find a coach trainer.

Coach Trainer Rita

Graveler ♂ Lv.46 Type Rock/Ground
Rock Slide Brick Break
Rock Physical Fighting Physical
Take Down
Normal Physical
Poliwrath ♀ Lv.47 Type Water/Fighting
Rock Slide Submission
Rock Physical Fighting Physical
Hydro Pump
Water Special
Dugtrio ♂ Lv.46 Type Ground
Rock Slide Earthquake
Rock Physical Ground Physical

Defeat Rita to receive P4,700 and TM22 Rock Slide. Take the stair case east of the coach trainer to reach a different part of the third floor.

3rd Floor

Follow the hall to the east towards the statue with a hidden switch, but do not press the switch just yet. To the right of this statue is a Full Heal.

Continue east into one of the rooms until you find TM21 Foul Play.

Return to the statue and press the hidden switch to change the locked doors on this floor. Enter the newly opened hall to find a Pokemon Trainer to the east.

Scientist Braydon

Weezing ♂ Lv.45 Type Poison
Toxic Sludge Bomb
Poison Status Poison Special
Magneton Lv.45 Type Electric/Steel
Flash Cannon Thunderbolt
Steel Special Electric Special
Magmar ♀ Lv.45 Type Fire
Flamethrower Clear Smog
Fire Special Fire Special

Defeat Braydon to receive P2,700. To the east of the Trainer is an X Accuracy. Take the staircase to the southeast to reach a small room with another Pokemon Trainer.

Ace Trainer Louis

Kingler ♂ Lv.45 Type Water
Crabhammer Slam
Water Physical Normal Physical
Primeape ♂ Lv.46 Type Fighting
Karate Chop Thrash
Fighting Physical Normal Physical
Dragon Physical

Defeat Louis to receive P4,600 and 5 Ultra Balls. A Hyper Potion can be found in the corner to the northeast near the book shelf.

Return to the previous floor and take the ladder south of the Scientist. This will take you back down to the first floor. Another Scientist and 5 Silver Razz Berries will be nearby.

Scientist Ted

Electrode Lv.45 Type Electric
Thunderbolt Swift
Electric Special Normal Special
Muk ♂ Lv.45 Type Poison
Sludge Bomb Minimize
Poison Special Normal Status
Fairy Special

Defeat Ted to receive P2,700. Further south is a Fire Stone. To the east is a warp pad that will take you back to the entrance of Pokemon Mansion, but don’t step on it just yet! Take the staircase down to the basement.


The area to the north will be closed off. Go into the small room to the west to find another statue with a hidden switch. You might run into a Pokemon Trainer on the way.

Burglar Lewis

Koffing ♂ Lv.44 Type Poison
Explosion Sludge Bomb
Normal Physical Poison Special
Poison Status
Koffing ♂ Lv.44 Type Poison
Explosion Sludge Bomb
Normal Physical Poison Special
Poison Status
Koffing ♂ Lv.44 Type Poison
Explosion Sludge Bomb
Normal Physical Poison Special
Poison Status
Weezing ♂ Lv.44 Type Poison
Explosion Sludge Bomb
Normal Physical Poison Special
Toxic Psybeam
Poison Status Psychic Special

Defeat Lewis to receive P3,520 and 3 Poke Balls. Enter the small room to the south to learn more about the legendary and mythical Pokemon that were once held here. TM52 Sludge Bomb can be grabbed next to the strange statue with hidden switch. Press the switch on the statue to change up the doors on this floor.

Before going into the newly opened door to the northeast, walk to the far western wall and pick up a Max Potion.

Now you can enter the door on the far northeastern side of the basement. A set of beds can be found in a small room up ahead. Interact with these beds to heal your team. The room will be guarded by a scientist, however.

Scientist Ivan

Electabuzz ♂ Lv.45 Type Electric
Thunder Punch Light Screen
Electric Physical Psychic Status
Screech Thunderbolt
Normal Status Electric Special

Defeat Ivan to receive P2,700. Investigate the small room to the west and pick up a Rare Candy. Return to the statue near the beds and press the hidden switch to unlock the last room to the west.

The room to the west is a secret laboratory of sorts – or once was. You can interact with some of the journals and the broken tank to get more info on a legendary and mythical Pokemon. Near the tank is a Max Elixir. To the south is the Secret Key that is needed to open up the Cinnabar Pokemon Gym!

Head to the Cinnabar Island Gym now and earn your seventh badge. If you have an escape rope, use it now. If you don’t, return to the previous floor and use the warp pad to transport out of the Mansion.