Pokemon League

The Pokemon League is located at the northwest corner of Kanto, atop the Indigo Plateau. It is home to the Elite Four, the strongest Pokemon Trainers in the region. Defeat them back to back to become the Pokemon League Champion. You will get a small break between each battle, allowing you to heal your team. Stock up on items at the Poke Mart on the west side of the building. Hyper Potions, Revives, and Full Heals should be essential. If you have the extra cash, get a few Full Restores and Max Potions to use during battle.

The nerd to the left of the Poke Mart counter will trade his Alolan Exeggutor for your Kantonian Exeggutor. Exeggutor from Kanto are Grass/Psychic-type Pokemon, but the Exeggutor from Alola are Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon. These Pokemon can be captured on Route 23, just before Victor Road. Trade as many as you like, or save before trading to get the right nature and stats.

Item Price Item Price
Poke Ball 100 Escape Rope 300
Great Ball 300 Repel 400
Ultra Ball 500 Super Repel 700
Potion 200 Max Repel 900
Super Potion 700 Lure 400
Hyper Potion 1,500 Super Lure 700
Max Potion 2,500 Max Lure 900
Full Restore 3,000 X Attack 550
Antidote 200 X Defense 500
Burn Heal 300 X Sp. Atk 350
Ice Heal 100 X Sp. Def 350
Awakening 100 X Speed 350
Paralyze Heal 300 X Accuracy 950
Full Heal 400 Dire Hit 650
Revive 2,000 Guard Spec. 700

The Pokemon Center is located on the east side of the room. You can also find Madam Memorial near the eastern wall. This woman will teach a single Pokemon from your party a move they have forgotten in exchange for a Heart Scale. These can be found throughout Kanto or picked up by your following Pokemon. Of course, Technical Machines usually offer more value than remembering an older move.


Lorelei specializes in ice-type Pokemon. Use fighting-type attacks to cause massive damage to most of Lorelei’s team. If your Pokemon is also of the fighting-type, you will only have to worry about Slowbro’s and Jynx’s psychic attack. Luckily, those two Pokemon don’t have very high speed stats. In addition to using fighting-type attacks, use electric-type attacks to counter her water-type Pokemon.

Slowbro and Cloyster have very high defenses, so it’s best to use special attacks against them. All other Pokemon can be attacked with either special or physical attacks, though physical would be best against Dewgong.

Dewgong ♂ Lv.51 Type Water/Ice
Aqua Jet Ice Shard
Water Physical Ice Physical
Water Physical
Jynx ♀ Lv.51 Type Ice/Psychic
Lovely Kiss Psychic
Normal Status Psychic Special
Ice Special
Cloyster ♀ Lv.51 Type Water/Ice
Ice Beam Spike Cannon
Ice Special Normal Physical
Hydro Pump
Water Special
Slowbro ♂ Lv.51 Type Water/Psychic
Surf Flamethrower
Water Special Fire Special
Psychic Special
Lapras ♀ Lv.52 Type Water/Ice
Blizzard Dragon Pulse
Ice Special Dragon Special
Hydro Pump
Water Special


Bruno specializes in fighting-type Pokemon. Use psychic-type or fairy-type special attacks to deal massive damage. It’s best to stay away from physical attacks all together since these Pokemon have high defenses. As for the rock/ground Onix, use water-type or grass-type attacks to deal 4x damage.

Onix ♂ Lv.52 Type Rock/Ground
Stealth Rock Iron Tail
Rock Status Steel Physical
Ground Physical
Hitmonchan ♂ Lv.52 Type Fighting
Fire Punch Ice Punch
Fire Physical Ice Physical
Thunder Punch
Electric Physical
Hitmonlee ♂ Lv.52 Type Fighting
Brick Break Feint
Fighting Physical Normal Physical
Rock Slide
Rock Physical
Poliwrath ♂ Lv.52 Type Water/Fighting
Waterfall Body Slam
Water Physical Normal Physical
Fighting Physical
Machamp ♂ Lv.53 Type Fighting
Earthquake Rock Slide
Ground Physical Rock Physical
Fighting Physical


Agatha specializes in poison-type Pokemon. Your best bet is to use a speedy Pokemon with psychic-type and ghost-type attacks. Special attacks work the best against her team, especially vs her Weezing.

Arbok ♀ Lv.53 Type Poison
Poison Jab Glare
Poison Physical Normal Status
Dark Physical
Gengar ♀ Lv.53 Type Ghost/Poison
Shadow Ball Will-o-Wisp
Ghost Special Fire Status
Sludge Bomb
Poison Special
Golbat ♀ Lv.53 Type Poison/Flying
Air Slash Crunch
Flying Special Dark Physical
Quick Attack
Normal Physical
Weezing ♂ Lv.53 Type Poison
Sludge Bomb Shadow Ball
Poison Special Ghost Special
Electric Special
Gengar ♂ Lv.54 Type Ghost/Poison
Shadow Ball Dazzling Gleam
Ghost Special Fairy Special
Sludge Bomb
Poison Special


The Dragon Master Lance specializes in dragon-type Pokemon. These are incredibly tough Pokemon with various elemental attacks. Use dragon-type, fairy-type, or ice-type attacks to hit their weak spots. Seadra, Gyarados, and Charizard are also weak to electric-type attacks.

Seadra ♀ Lv.54 Type Water
Hydro Pump Dragon Pulse
Water Special Dragon Special
Hyper Beam
Normal Special
Aerodactyl ♂ Lv.54 Type Rock/Flying
Rock Slide Earthquake
Rock Physical Ground Physical
Hyper Beam
Normal Special
Gyarados ♀ Lv.54 Type Water/Flying
Waterfall Iron Tail
Water Physical Steel Physical
Hyper Beam
Normal Special
Charizard ♂ Lv.54 Type Fire/Flying
Air Slash Dragon Pulse
Flying Special Dragon Special
Hyper Beam
Normal Special
Dragonite ♂ Lv.55 Type Dragon/Flying
Outrage Fire Punch
Dragon Physical Fire Physical
Hyper Beam
Normal Special


Surprise, you have one more battle before becoming Pokemon League Champion. You first have to defeat the current Champion, your Rival. He will have an improved team from just before Victory Road. He doesn’t specialize in one element, and his first Pokemon is a mega-evolved Pidgeot. The Slowbro and Vileplume might be the only Pokemon you can out-speed unless your team is at a higher level. Use type match ups and check the movesets before throwing out a Pokemon.

Mega Pidgeot ♂ Lv.56 Type Normal/Flying
mega pidgeot
Air Slash Heat Wave
Flying Special Fire Special
Quick Attack
Normal Physical
Vileplume ♀ Lv.56 Type Grass/Poison
Solar Beam Reflect
Grass Special Psychic Status
Sludge Bomb
Poison Special
Marowak ♂ Lv.56 Type Ground
Brick Break Bonemerang
Fighting Physical Ground Physical
Fire Punch
Fire Physical
Rapidash ♀ Lv.56 Type Fire
Flare Blitz Poison Jab
Fire Physical Poison Physical
Quick Attack
Normal Physical Normal
Slowbro ♂ Lv.56 Type Water/Psychic
Psychic Surf
Psychic Special Water Special
Light Screen
Psychic Status

The final Pokemon depends on which game you are playing. If you are playing Let’s Go Pikachu, your Rival will have a Jolteon. If you are Playing Let’s Go Eevee, your Rival will have a Raichu.

Jolteon ♂ Lv.57 Type Electric
Thunder Quick Attack
Electric Special Normal Physical
Pin Missile
Bug Physical
Raichu ♂ Lv.57 Type Electric
Thunder Quick Attack
Electric Special Normal Physical
Iron Tail
Steel Physical

After becoming the Pokemon League Champion, you will return to your home in Pallet Town. Go to the next page of the walkthrough to learn what you can do next.