Pokemon League Round 2

After becoming the Pokemon League Champion, you will be able to return to the Indigo Plateau and re-challenge the Elite Four and your Rival as many times as you like. They will have much stronger Pokemon, some with Alolan forms or Mega Evolutions.

Lorelei Round 2

Lorelei specializes in ice-type Pokemon. Use fighting-type physical attacks to cause massive damage to most of Lorelei’s team. If your Pokemon is also of the fighting-type, you will only have to worry about Slowbro’s and Jynx’s psychic attack. Luckily, those two Pokemon don’t have very high speed stats. In addition to using fighting-type attacks, use electric-type attacks to counter her water-type Pokemon.

Dewgong ♂ Lv.61 Type Water/Ice
Aqua Jet Ice Shard
Water Physical Ice Physical
Waterfall Iron Tail
Water Physical Steel Physical
Jynx ♀ Lv.61 Type Ice/Psychic
Lovely Kiss Psychic
Normal Status Psychic Special
Blizzard Shadow Ball
Ice Special Ghost Special
Sandslash ♂ Lv.61 Type Ice/Steel
alolan sandslash
Ice Punch Ice Shard
Ice Physical Ice Physical
Earthquake Iron Tail
Ground Physical Steel Physical
Cloyster ♀ Lv.61 Type Water/Ice
Ice Beam Spike Cannon
Ice Special Normal Physical
Hydro Pump Poison Jab
Water Special Poison Physical
Slowbro ♂ Lv.61 Type Water/Psychic
Surf Flamethrower
Water Special Fire Special
Psychic Yawn
Psychic Special Normal Status
Lapras ♀ Lv.62 Type Water/Ice
Blizzard Dragon Pulse
Ice Special Dragon Special
Hydro Pump Thunder
Water Special Electric Special

Bruno Round 2

Bruno specializes in fighting-type Pokemon with a handful of rock-types as well. Use psychic-type or fairy-type special attacks to deal massive damage. Additionally, water- and grass-type attacks can counter his rock-types.

Onix ♂ Lv.62 Type Rock/Ground
Stealth Rock Iron Tail
Rock Status Steel Physical
Earthquake Rock Slide
Ground Physical Rock Physical
Hitmonchan ♂ Lv.62 Type Fighting
Fire Punch Ice Punch
Fire Physical Ice Physical
Thunder Punch Feint
Electric Physical Normal Physical
Hitmonlee ♂ Lv.62 Type Fighting
Hi Jump Kick Feint
Fighting Physical Normal Physical
Rock Slide Poison Jab
Rock Physical Poison Physical
Golem ♂ Lv.62 Type Rock/Electric
alolan golem
Thunder Punch Rock Slide
Electric Physical Rock Physical
Superpower Earthquake
Fighting Physical Ground Physical
Poliwrath ♂ Lv.62 Type Water/Fighting
Waterfall Body Slam
Water Physical Normal Physical
Superpower Earthquake
Fighting Physical Ground Physical
Machamp ♂ Lv.63 Type Fighting
Earthquake Rock Slide
Ground Physical Rock Physical
Superpower Ice Punch
Fighting Physical Ice Physical

Agatha Round 2

Agatha specializes in poison-type Pokemon, and half of them are ghost-type as well. Your best bet is to use a speedy Pokemon with psychic-type and ghost-type attacks. Both physical and special attacks will work against most, but Weezing and Marowak will have much higher defenses than the other four.

Arbok ♀ Lv.63 Type Poison
Poison Jab Glare
Poison Physical Normal Status
Crunch Earthquake
Dark Physical Ground Physical
Gengar ♀ Lv.63 Type Ghost/Poison
Shadow Ball Will-o-Wisp
Ghost Special Fire Status
Sludge Bomb Sucker Punch
Poison Special Dark Physical
Golbat ♀ Lv.63 Type Poison/Flying
Air Slash Crunch
Flying Special Dark Physical
Quick Attack Leech Life
Normal Physical Bug Physical
Weezing ♂ Lv.63 Type Poison
Sludge Bomb Shadow Ball
Poison Special Ghost Special
Fire Blast Thunder
Fire Special Electric Special
Marowak ♂ Lv.63 Type Fire/Ghost
alolan marowak
Flare Blitz Bonemerang
Fire Physical Ground Physical
Shadow Ball Rock Slide
Ghost Special Rock Physical
Gengar ♂ Lv.64 Type Ghost/Poison
Shadow Ball Dazzling Gleam
Ghost Special Fairy Special
Sludge Bomb Sucker Punch
Poison Special Dark Physical

Lance Round 2

The Dragon Master Lance specializes in dragon-type Pokemon. These are incredibly tough Pokemon with various elemental moves. Use dragon-type, fairy-type, or ice-type attacks to hit their weak spots. Seadra and Gyarados can be taken down quickly with electric-type attacks. As for Mega Charizard X, use water-, dragon-, or fairy-type attacks.

Seadra ♀ Lv.64 Type Water
Hydro Pump Dragon Pulse
Water Special Dragon Special
Hyper Beam Blizzard
Normal Special Ice Special
Aerodactyl ♂ Lv.64 Type Rock/Flying
Rock Slide Earthquake
Rock Physical Ground Physical
Hyper Beam Crunch
Normal Special Dark Physical
Gyarados ♀ Lv.64 Type Water/Flying
Waterfall Iron Tail
Water Physical Steel Physical
Hyper Beam Crunch
Normal Special Dark Physical
Mega Charizard X ♂ Lv.64 Type Fire/Dragon
mega charizard x
Flare Blitz Dragon Pulse
Fire Physical Dragon Special
Hyper Beam Thunder Punch
Normal Special Electric Physical
Exeggutor ♂ Lv.64 Type Grass/Dragon
alolan exeggutor
Mega Drain Dragon Pulse
Grass Special Dragon Special
Hyper Beam Psychic
Normal Special Psychic Special
Dragonite ♂ Lv.65 Type Dragon/Flying
Outrage Fire Punch
Dragon Physical Fire Physical
Hyper Beam Iron Tail
Normal Special Steel Physical

Rival Round 2

Your Rival will have the same team as before, but now they are leveled up and have a few better moves. If you beat him before and your team has leveled up enough since, you shouldn’t have any trouble defeating him.

Mega Pidgeot ♂ Lv.66 Type Normal/Flying
mega pidgeot
Air Slash Heat Wave
Flying Special Fire Special
U-turn Quick Attack
Bug Physical Normal Physical
Vileplume ♀ Lv.66 Type Grass/Poison
Solar Beam Reflect
Grass Special Psychic Status
Sludge Bomb Dazzling Gleam
Poison Special Fairy Special
Marowak ♂ Lv.66 Type Ground
Brick Break Earthquake
Fighting Physical Ground Physical
Fire Punch Thunder Punch
Fire Physical Electric Physical
Rapidash ♀ Lv.66 Type Fire
Flare Blitz Poison Jab
Fire Physical Poison Physical
Drill Run Quick Attack
Ground Physical Normal Physical
Slowbro ♂ Lv.66 Type Water/Psychic
Psychic Surf
Psychic Special Water Special
Blizzard Light Screen
Ice Special Psychic Status

The final Pokemon depends on which game you are playing. If you are playing Let’s Go Pikachu, your Rival will have a Jolteon. If you are Playing Let’s Go Eevee, your Rival will have a Raichu.

Jolteon ♂ Lv.67 Type Electric
Thunder Quick Attack
Electric Special Normal Physical
Pin Missile Shadow Ball
Bug Physical Ghost Special
Raichu ♂ Lv.67 Type Electric
Brick Break Quick Attack
Fighting Physical Normal Physical
Thunder Iron Tail
Electric Special Steel Physical