Rakshasa is a persona of the Strength arcana. It specializes in Physical attacks. Its default level is 23.


Demon of Hindu myth. He is an enemy of the gods, and attacks humans to feed off of them. His hideous appearance strike fear into those who see him. Can shift his shape to deceive his enemies.

How to Obtain

Rakshasa can be found during shuffle time in the Marukyu Striptease dungeon or by fusion.


Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Str Wk

Skill List

Skill Level Element Cost
Kill Rush 23 Physical 10%HP
Brain Shake 23 Physical 12%HP
Counter 23 Physical Passive
Gale Slash 25 Physical 12%HP
Auto-Tarukaja 26 N/A Passive
Dodge Physical 27 Physical Passive
Power Charge 28 Physical 15SP