Nidhoggr is a Persona of the Hermit arcana. It specializes in the Darkness element. Its default level is 55.


An evil dragon that gnaws on the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. It rules over the evil snakes that live there. Capable of surviving Ragnarok by feeding on the slain corpses that drift to it.

How to Obtain

Nidhoggr can be found during shuffle time in the Heaven dungeon or by fusion.


Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Wk Wk Nul

Skill List

Skill Level Element Cost
Mamudoon Darkness 34SP
Evil Smile N/A 10SP
Ghastly Wail 57 N/A 15SP
Bufudyne 58 Ice 12SP
Stagnant Air 59 N/A 15SP
Resist Physical 60 Physical Passive
Ice Boost 61 Ice Passive