Nebiros is a Persona of the Hermit arcana. It specializes in ailments. Its default level is 63.


The general of Hell, he keeps watch over other demons. One of the greatest necromancers in Hell, he can control souls and corpses.

How to Obtain

Nebiros can be found during shuffle time in the Magatsu Mandala portion of the Magatsu Inaba dungeon or by fusion.


Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Rpl Wk Str Wk Nul

Skill List

Skill Level Element Cost
Mamudoon Darkness 34SP
Agidyne Fire 12SP
Dekaja N/A 10SP
Mind Charge 65 Magic 15SP
Mudo Boost 67 Darkness Passive
Null Light 69 Light Passive
Spell Master 70 Magic Passive