Kurama Tengu

Kurama Tengu is a Persona of the Hermit arcana. It specializes in Wind attacks. Its default level is 48.


A member of the Tengu race in Japanese myth. The most powerful and popular of all Tengu, they have the power to fend off evil spirits and attract good luck.

How to Obtain

Kurama Tengu can be found during shuffle time in the Heaven dungeon or by fusion.


Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Str Wk Dr

Skill List

Skill Level Element Cost
Garula Wind 8SP
Masukunda N/A 12SP
Vicious Strike Physical 18%HP
Growth 2 50 N/A Passive
Wind Boost 51 Wind Passive
Red Wall 52 Fire 18SP
Resist Electric 53 Electric Passive