Kaguya is a persona of the Aeon arcana. It specializes in the Light element. It’s default level is 74.


A divine being that appeared from a glowing bamboo shoot. Though many men proposed to her, none could complete her impossible tasks and she returned to her homeland, the capital of the moon.

How to Obtain

Kaguya can be fused once you have maximized the Aeon Social Link with Marie. Possible fusion recipes:

  • Shiki-Ouji + Alice + Magatsu-Izanagi
  • Isis + Atavaka + Dominion
  • Isis + Atavaka + Trumpeter
  • Isis + Suzaku + Byakko
  • Isis + Byakko + Seiryuu
  • Isis + Dominion + Kohryu
  • Belial + Magatsu-Izanagi + Vishnu
  • Kohryu + Atavaka + Belial
  • Kohryu + Barong + Belial


Phys. Fire Ice Elec. Wind Light Dark
Wk Str Nul Nul

Skill List

Skill Level Element Cost
Hamaon Light 15SP
Mediarahan N/A 30SP
Speedy Recovery N/A Passive
Tetraja 75 N/A 24SP
Mahamaon 77 Light 34SP
Hama Boost 78 Light Passive
Spell Master 80 N/A Passive