S.S. Liki

Below Deck

Before doing anything, go below deck and explore the ship. You’ll meet O’aka XXIII, Merchant Extraordinaire. Speak with him and he’ll ask you for some Gil. This won’t be the last time you’ll meet him either. Try to lend him 10,001 Gil by the fourth time you meet him to get a major discount on his products. Of course, he won’t be selling anything at this time.

Next, walk down into the “Power Room.” This room is located to the south of O’aka. You’ll find a pair of Chocobos powering the ship. At the bottom of the room is the Al Bhed Primer vol. III.

The last thing to do before going back on deck is to investigate the room near the Save Sphere. Open the treasure chest to find a Remedy. Next, kick the suitcase on the right side of the room eight times to earn eight Potions. Save your game and head back up to Wakka and the gang.

Above Deck

Speak with Wakka to learn where the S.S. Liki is headed. Afterwords, walk to the bow of the ship to hear about Yuna’s father. Speak with Wakka again, then walk over to Yuna to continue with the story.

Boss Battle: Sin


HP AP Fire Thunder Water Ice
2000 (1000) 10 (15)

After a lengthy cut scene, you’ll enter a boss battle with Sin – or, a fin of Sin. You won’t be able to reach it with direct attacks. Use Lulu’s Black Magic, Wakka’s Blitzball, and Yuna’s Aeon to hit it from afar.

Don’t attempt to eliminate all three Sinscale on deck, they’ll just be replaced with more. You can always kill two and leave one. Two won’t be replaced, and only one will attack while you focus on Sin.

After the battle, another short scene will play out before a second battle starts.

Boss Battle: Sinspawn Echuilles


HP AP Fire Thunder Water Ice
2000 12

This second boss battle will begin underwater with Tidus and Wakka. Use Tidus’s Cheer skill to buff the team, then use Wakka’s Dark Attack skill to blind Sinspawn Echuilles. Focus on the main boss only, the Piranha will come and go.

  • Drain Touch: Drains HP from a target and restores its own HP
  • Blender: Deals damage to all enemy targets

Sinspawn Echuilles will use a drain attack to drain some HP from Tidus or Wakka while restoring its own, and a blender attack that will deal a little over 100 HP damage to both Tidus and Wakka. Just keep fighting and inflicting dark as much as possible. If your party’s HP gets too low, heal with some Potions.

Defeat the boss to activate another cut scene and arrive at Kilika.