Change in Web Hosts to Site 5

Things are moving much more smoothly now, if anyone has noticed. It’s all because I changed web hosts to Site 5!

I thought I’d provide a little info on my experience with my web hosting providers over the past few years. I started a previous blog ( before switching over to this personal/professional blog. I’ve gone through many changes and upgrades, but I had started and stuck with the same web host called iPage.

I had looked around for awhile before originally choosing iPage. The fee they charged was pretty small, and the service seemed decent at first. Through the years I experienced problem after problem. The load times were way too long for a small blog, the customer service sucked, the payment price went up, and they had a shitty control panel and payment interface. I was even charged an extra $100+ for some stupid misunderstanding. I definitely cannot recommend iPage to anyone after their years of service.

Who did I switch to? After looking a bit more into the best web hosting providers for small blogs like mine, I decided to go with Site5. They had a 30 day trial period, a cheaper plan than iPage, and they were highly recommended by a number of other blogs. These guys even migrated my blog for free! Things have been running very smoothly since I switched awhile ago, and I really hope it stays that way. If anyone is having any trouble with load times or what not, please tell me in the comments section below. Everything seems great on my end, and I think I could recommend them myself.

If you want to sign up to Site 5 like me, use my referral link below!