Allison Road Looks Horrifying!

Have you seen the prototype of this terrifying new game?

On June 30th, 2015, prototype / pre-alpha footage of an up and coming game was released on YouTube. This 13 minute and 50 second video shows so much promise and looks absolutely terrifying. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video before reading any further!

The entire Allison Road development team (Lilith Ltd.) is comprised of only six people! An official Facebook page and YouTube channel have been created, but nothing more. One of the developers does have a Twitter account, but it’s not named Allison Road or anything to that effect.

Many websites have claimed this is the closest thing to P.T. we’ll get. For those that don’t know, P.T. stands for Playable Teaser. It was a free demo on the PS4 that was a teaser for an up and coming (but now canceled) Silent Hill sequel. Honestly, Allison Road looks even more promising than P.T. did. In P.T., you could only zoom in and walk around. You couldn’t quite interact or investigate anything like you can in this prototype gameplay.

However, the suspense and creepy atmosphere that was showcased in P.T. doesn’t seem to be matched in Allison Road. That’s not to say Allison Road doesn’t look scary, I just don’t think ithas reached the level that P.T. created at this time. Then again, I actually got to play P.T. as opposed to seeing a short video demo like with Allison Road.

Let’s not forget, both P.T. and Allison Road are simply demos or prototypes. It’s best not to expect the same gameplay for the full game. The description of the YouTube video says, “…without spoiling any of the story we decided to separate it from the actual game, so while this is real gameplay it’s not what you’ll see in the full version of the game.” Lilith Ltd. went on to say that there will be an inventory system, which definitely is not a bad thing. I’m just worried it won’t have the same look or feel in the final game.

If you’re interested in this game, make sure to subscribe to their channel or like their facebook page. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this game in the future!