My 10 Most Hated Pokemon

Have you ever wondered what my most hated Pokemon are? Come find out and share your own.

At this time there are currently 719 different species of Pokemon. Some are great, some are average, and some make you wonder what Game Freak was thinking when they designed them! Below is a list of my 10 most hated Pokemon in existence!

This list isn’t in any particular order. Underneath the Pokemon’s name is the reason why I hate it. And just to clarify, these are my personal choices for most hated Pokemon. If you hate completely different Pokemon, share your choices in the comments below.



Chatot is a pretty lame parrot Pokemon that first appeared in generation four. It has no evolutions, and its stats are nothing to write home about.

The thing that probably annoys me the most about this Pokemon is how its unique move “Chatter” is (or was – is it still?) banned in Pokemon competitions. Why? Because you could record a phrase of your own using the DS or 3DS’ microphone. Apparently, some people recorded lewd phrases that didn’t fit in the kid friendly atmosphere. It’s not like Chatter was that great of a move to begin with.

Mr. Mime

mr. mime

Mr. Mime is a mime Pokemon. That should be enough reason for you to hate it. It was introduced in generation one by itself. When generation four came around, it got a pre-evolution called Mime Jr. Why? Who knows.

This Pokemon is one of few human-like Pokemon, which increases the creepy factor. Furthermore, unlike some Pokemon that can only be male or female, Mr. Mime can be both male and female. And no, its name doesn’t change to Ms. Mime.



Dunsparce is a land snake Pokemon that first appeared in generation two. It is of the normal-type (nothing special) and has below average stats all around. On top of that, Dunsparce has no evolutions or pre-evolutions. I guess you could excuse it by saying it can be captured early in the Gold/Silver/Crystal. Pokemon available early on are usually pretty weak.



Wurmple is a worm Pokemon that first debuted in generation three. I don’t hate Wurmple because it’s a weak bug-type Pokemon you can capture early in the game, there are many of those in each generation. I hate it for what it becomes, which is pretty much random! Wurmple can either evolve into Silcoon followed by Beautifly, or it can evolve into Cascoon followed by Dustox. If you wanted one bug Pokemon over the other, it would be best to capture a Cascoon or Silcoon instead of a Wurmple and hope it evolved into the right Pokemon.



Luvdisc is the rendezvous Pokemon. It first appeared in generation three. It has no evolutions or pre-evolutions, and all of its stats (except for Speed) are terrible. It’s not like you could find it early on in the game. In fact, you could only find it through fishing.

Why did they create this Pokemon? Who knows. Maybe it was created by some love sick developer. Either way, this Pokemon sucks.

It was finally put to good use in Pokemon X and Y. You could find it easily using an Old Rod and steal Heart Scales from it.


Chimecho is a wind chime Pokemon that first appeared in generation three. When generation four came around, it received a pre-evolution called Chingling. This Pokemon’s stats are mostly terrible, but its Special Attack and Special Defense give it a fighting chance. Like Luvdisc, you couldn’t find Chimecho early in the game, which made you want to use it less when you did find it! It seems like this was another Pokemon where design was focused on more than use-ability.



Basculin is another boring fish Pokemon. Its official species category is the “Hostile Pokemon.” It first appeared in generation five with two different formes. You could find a blue stripped forme and a red stripped forme. You might find them with the same ability (Adaptability), or you might find them with an ability unique to their forme (Reckless or Rock Head).


Other than the ability changes, there were no differences between the two. These Pokemon aren’t as terrible as most on this list, but they don’t really standout among the 700+ out there! They probably annoy me because of their boring average-ness and how often they appeared when near any body of water in Unova.


These are the “first bird” Pokemon. They first appeared in generation five, but are called the first bird Pokemon because they could only be revived from fossils. They have great move sets and decent stats, but the number one thing that annoys me about these Pokemon are their ability: Defeatist. The Defeatist ability halves the Pokemon’s Attack and Special Attack once its HP reaches 50%. I could understand giving this to a Pokemon with high defenses and attack stats, but Archen and Archeops have below average Defense and Special Defense stats. This may be the worst ability since Traunt!


Furfrou is another Pokemon you look at and say “Really?” It’s a Poodle Pokemon that was introduced in generation six. It seems like it was designed for show, and can even be given 10 different hairstyles.

Honestly, I’d feel embarrassed to use this Pokemon, but it actually has pretty decent stats and an awesome ability. The ability is called Fur Coat, and it halves all damage taken from physical attacks! But if you look closer, you’ll see Furfrou’s defenses are about 30% lower than its Special Defenses. It looks like Game Freak really thought about use-ability and design when creating this Pokemon. Still, I wouldn’t be caught using it in any competition outside of a Pokemon Contest Spectacular.



Everyone knew this was coming. I mean WTF?! Unown is the Symbol Pokemon that first appeared in generation two. Honestly, I think this Pokemon is merely a gimmick. There are 28 different Unown forms; one for each letter of the alphabet and two for punctuation (! and ?). I think they were created just so you can capture more of the same Pokemon for a complete set. Generation two also had about 50 fewer Pokemon compared to generation one, so maybe they tried to boost up the total count.

All Unown can only use a single move: Hidden Power. This attack changes types depending on the Pokemon’s Individual Values. Back in the day, the power of the attack also changed with the type. It has terrible HP, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed, and its Attack and Special Attack are below average. If I had to choose a number one most hated Pokemon, this would probably be it!