WWE World Heavyweight Championship 2014 Replica Review – WWE Shop

Take a closer look at the Official WWE Authentic Wear WWE Championship replica belt (2014) multi. Is it worth the $429 price tag from the WWE Shop?

The current design of the WWE Championship is the result of the unified WWE World Heavyweight Championship and older attitude era logo WWE Championship that was unveiled by The Rock. The two belts were carried from December 2013 until a redesigned belt was unveiled in August of 2014. This WWE Championship features the new WWE logo on the front with a smaller “World Heavyweight Champion” title below. The original price of the adult replica title belt was $429.

The WWE Championship adult replica features solid zinc alloy metal plates that are painted gold and shined to a reflective, mirror finish. The front plate is a pentagon-shape that measures 10 inches vertically, nearly 10.25 inches horizontally, and is 0.28 inches or 7mm thick.

The new WWE Logo is fully attached to the outer pentagon and constructed in a zinc alloy metal. Inside the large W are a total of 68 plastic diamonds of different shapes and sizes, and a total of 58 plastic diamonds are placed inside of the smaller W. The pentagon holds a total of 45 square plastic diamonds, 32 circular plastic diamonds, and 14 circular plastic rubies.

The side rectangular plates measure 5.75 x 5.5 x 4.25 x 5.5 inches around the edges, and are 0.2 inches thick or 5mm thick. These side plates also feature the new WWE logo, and the circular parts of the plates can be replaced with custom side plates displaying emblems of your favorite WWE Superstar. Each box set of side plates sell for $99.

Each side plate holds 47 square plastic diamonds around the outer edges and 24 square plastic diamonds around the WWE logo for a total of 71 square diamonds on each plate. If the circular side plate is replaced by a WWE Superstar’s side plate, the inner 24 square plastic diamonds will also be removed. Finally, 12 circular plastic diamonds are placed on each side plate, with two of those 12 topping the screws of the removable, circular side plates.

Between the main plate and side plates are long, slender metal plates that are also painted gold and have a mirror finish. All five plates are held on to the strap by a total of 24 black screws which can be seen on the back of the strap near the authenticity sticker and sewn-on patch.

The strap is made out of polyurethane, a simulated leather material that is much stiffer than actual leather. This will allow fans to display their WWE championship replica much more easily while also reducing the price of the belt. The new WWE logo is stamped on the belt to the sides of the side plates. Gold-colored metal snaps (8×2 male and 5×2 female) will hold the belt around up to a 46-inch waist. The complete length of the belt is 50 inches from end to end.

A gold-colored metal piece is screwed onto the end of the right strap, adding some style reminiscent of the classic WWE championship belts from the 80s and 90s. Just like all other metal pieces, this belt tip has a great mirror finish.

While this is an excellent replica for adult fans to display in their collection–weighing 6.3 lbs. (2850g)–it is still not an exact scale replica nor is it made with high quality materials. The WWE Shop offers better quality replicas of the WWE Championship, but those versions are far too expensive for most fans. I would recommend this adult replica for around $350 or less. The WWE Shop offers sales throughout the year, but the base $430 price tag is much too high for something that is not a scale replica and is made mostly of plastic diamonds.