WWE Undisputed Championship V2 Ultra Deluxe Replica Review – Figs Toy Co

This high quality ultra deluxe replica of the WWE Undisputed Championship V2 comes on a leather strap with a certificate of authenticity from the Figures Toy Company.

Before the WWE Shop made their own deluxe and elite replicas, the Figures Toy Company created deluxe and ultra deluxe replicas. The plates on ultra deluxe replicas are 4mm thick, the strap is real leather (though some have told me they are still technically simulated leather), and the replica is numbered with a certificate of authenticity by the Figures Toy Company. Unfortunately, this belt didn’t come with a COA when I purchased it from another collector.

The design and paint of Figs Toy Co’s Undisputed Championship V2 is very similar to the V1. The only difference seems to be a black border around all six plates. When compared to the WWE Shop’s V1, there is additional floral etching next to the black-painted floral etching on the main plate. When compared to the WWE Shop’s V2, the design from the painting to the shape of the main plate is completely different,

Let’s focus on the WWE Undisputed Championship V2 Ultra Deluxe Replica from Figures Toy Co. This replica has the WWE logo etched at the top of the main plate in gold, with a red-painted underline, in front of a black background. Below the logo is an eagle with some black paint to outline the etching. The eagle is standing on a banner with the words “WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT TM” extending just above a black-painted globe. Below the globe is a long black banner with the word “CHAMPION” etched in gold. Four stars are shooting out the sides of the globe, two on the left and two on the right. Floral etching with some black paint can found around the edges of the main plate with four large faux diamonds.

At the very bottom of the main plate is a removable name plate with two faux front-mounted screws. The name plate actually unscrews from the back of the strap like the rest of the plates, but they have different sized screws. Additional blank and etched nameplates can be purchased from the Wresting Super Store and Figures Toy Company. Unfortunately, the standard font isn’t the same as the font on the name plates that came with these belts, like the Brock Lesnar name plate shown in the pictures.

The first two side plates feature a lion outlined in black paint. It is holding a shield that is outlined in black with a white and red logo. Just below the logo is a blue banner with some unreadable etching. This is actually the McMahon family crest. Floral etching with black paint is found around the lion etching.

The second two side plates feature the WWE logo etched in gold with a red underline. It is on a black-painted shield with two faux diamonds, one at the top and one at the bottom of the logo. This shield is surrounded by gold etching.

The third side plate on the right side features the WWE logo etched in gold with a red underline on a black-painted shield. Above the WWE logo are the words “PROPERTY OF THE WORLD WRESTLING” and below the logo are the words “ENTERTAINMENT TM” etched in gold. Floral etching surrounds the black shield.

A “WWE CHAMPION” tooling is stamped into the strap around the six plates. Additional design is pressed onto the strap near the snap boxes. The snap boxes themselves are additional leather patches that are sewn onto the strap. They house 5×2 female snaps and 8×2 male snaps.

On the back of the strap is the official licensing information from the WWE and Figures Toy Company. The information is pressed onto a leather patch which is sewn onto the strap.

Although the 4mm plates are thinner than the WWE Shop’s 6mm plates, this ultra deluxe replica is far heavier because the Figs plates are solid metal unlike the hollow WWE Shop plates. The etching is shallow, similar to the regular 2mm replicas.

The biggest issue I have with the belt is the fact that a black border seems to be the only difference between Figs’ Undisputed Championship V1 and V2. This is a great replica, but a lot of the paint needs to be removed from the floral etchings and lion side plates, and the shield on the first side plates need to be repainted to look more like the real Undisputed Championship V2.

Again, the Ultra Deluxe Replica of the WWE Undisputed Championship V2 is still a great belt to add to your collection. They aren’t as easy to find from re-sellers, as all ultra deluxe replicas are difficult to obtain. The main plate isn’t as curved as the WWE Shop’s undisputed championship, but I think that’s a good thing. Try and find or sell this belt for at least $400.