WWE Undisputed Championship V2 Deluxe Replica Review – WWE Shop

The WWE Shop released this deluxe replica of the WWE Undisputed Championship V2 with a real leather strap, but false advertising of Swarovski Crystals.

The WWE Shop released the deluxe replica of the WWE Undisputed Championship V2 alongside the standard version. It is advertised as having a real leather strap and Swarovski Crystals for a base price of $999.99. Unfortunately, it appears to be the same plastic stones as the standard replica. Meaning everything is the same as the standard replica except the real leather strap.

The leather strap on the deluxe WWE Undisputed Championship V2 is very soft and flexible. It is easily the best official leather strap I’ve gotten my hands on. However, it should not increase the price of the belt by $600! It has a patch on the back of the strap that says Official WWE Authentic Deluxe Replica, to ensure it is the official replica, along with a velour belt bag. The strap measures approximately 56.63″ x 11.38″ and fits up to a size 46″ waist.

A “WWE Champion” tooling is stamped throughout the top and bottom of the strap until the snap boxes on the ends. Another design is pressed into the leather before the snap boxes which house 5×2 female snaps and 8×2 male snaps.

All six plates are made out of a zinc alloy and are 6mm thick. The main plate is curved and features a great amount of detail. The WWE logo is at the top with a red underline, the eagle below the WWE logo, a black-painted globe below the eagle, an unrolled scroll that says “World Wrestling Entertainment” on the top half of the globe, black stars shooting out the sides of the globe, a Champion engraving under the globe, and the nameplate at the bottom.

The curved nameplate has two faux front-mounted screws. The nameplate actually screws off from behind like all other plates on the belt. Pre-engraved nameplates and more blank nameplates can be purchased from the Wrestling Super Store, the home of Figures Toy Company products, the original maker of WWE championship replicas.

The first side plates measure 4.25″ x 4.38,″ and feature an engraved lion holding a black shield. This shield is actually the McMahon family crest. Around the lion are some floral etchings.

The second side plates measure 3.38″ x 3.5,″ and displays the WWE scratch logo on a black shield. The black shield has two small stones above and below the WWE logo. Like the first plate, floral etchings outlines the entire black shield.

The third side plate measures 2.9″ x 2.9,″ and is the property of the WWE plate. This plate has a black shield that reads “Property of World Wrestling Ent. Inc.” above and below the WWE scratch logo. Just like the second side plates, floral design outlines the entire black shield.

Once again, the Deluxe Replica is not worth the price point just because of a real leather strap. The stones are still cheap plastic, and the plates have a history of having the black paint chip off. It would be cheaper and of higher quality to get a standard replica restoned, and to purchase a send-out leather strap from a third-party company. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this unless you can find one for $500 or less.