WWE Undisputed Championship Replica Belts Comparison

There are four versions of the WWE Undisputed Championship replica belts, two from the WWE Shop and two from Figures Toy Company. See how they compare to each other.

The WWE Undisputed Championship was created after the WWF and WCW Championships were unified in December 2001. The first version of the belt was shown on TV the night after WrestleMania X8 in 2002. The TV version had a WWF logo, but none of the Undisputed Championship replicas ever released with a WWF logo. A few months after the first belt was shown on TV, a second version of the Undisputed Championship was used that was larger and displayed the WWE logo. The Undertaker was the champion at the time.

The Figures Toy Company was the first manufacturer of these officially licensed WWE Undisputed Championships. They released two replica versions with basically the same design. The version two has bigger plates, a larger strap, and all six plates have a black painted border.

Around 2015, the WWE Shop chose a different manufacturer for their replica belts. This new company re-released the two versions of the WWE Undisputed Championship. The V1 is similar to the Figs Toy Co V1, but the V2 had been completely overhauled.

The WWE Shop Undisputed V1 had all the details on the four corners of the main plate flattened out. The Figs Toy Co Undisputed V1 sparkles much better because of this design choice. However, the straps on the Figures Toy Co belts are prone to flake and deteriorate. The WWE Shop strap seems to hold up to the elements over the years.

While the Figs Toy Co Undisputed V2 has the same detail as the V1 (but bigger), the WWE Shop Undisputed V2 has a completely altered design. The main plate is slightly reshaped, the details on the four corners of the main plate are fully etched and unpainted, the first side plates have unpainted lions holding black and white shields instead of black painted lions with white shields, and the black borders were painted with a matte paint instead of a glossy paint like the Figs Toy Co Undisputed V2.

The WWE Shop’s Undisputed Championship V2 replica title belt is definitely the biggest out of the four replica belts. It is also considered the most accurate, but I feel the curve in the main plate is far too big, and the plates themselves are a little too big at 6mm thick. All the other standard Undisputed Championship replicas had 2mm thick plates.

At this time, only the WWE Shop’s Undisputed Championship V2 replica belt is being sold brand new. The other three versions must be purchased second hand. The Figures Toy Company also manufactured deluxe models with upgraded straps and ultra deluxe models with upgraded straps and 4mm solid plates. See all four versions compared in 4K at the video below.