WWE Shoprine V1 vs V2

The WWE Shop released a high quality version of the Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship around WrestleMania 39 weekend (March-April 2023). It has been considered the most accurate replica when compared to the original Big Gold from Crumrine Jewlers. The only real fault of this “Shoprine” replica was the size of the words at the top of the main plate. “WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT” were taller than “WRESTLING CHAMPION,” and the “-ION” at the end of “CHAMPION” was offset from the rest of the word.

Move the slider to the right for V1. Move the slider to the left for V2.

An updated version of the Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship released in October of 2023. This version 2 Shoprine corrected the font size by making all the letters shorter and uniform.

Additionally, the newer version of the Shoprine has a glossy coating instead of the original matte coating. It is still not a mirror finish like other WWE Shop replicas, but the gloss picks up black accents rather than white accents. Unfortunately, the globe and crown on the main plate appear to be nearly the same on both versions, and the color does not fit the version 2 as it should.

Finally, the version 2 was given a darker strap that has a softer feel on the inside. However, it also gives off an awful scent that had many collectors returning their replicas. The terrible smell is the primary reason I chose the Version 1 over the Version 2.

All owners of the original V1 Big Gold can polish their plates to be similar to the V2, but the font size will still be off compared to the updated version.

The Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship replica is currently unavailable on the WWE Shop. Many collectors believe–or hope–that a third version will be coming sooner than later.