WWE Championship 2014 Elite Series Replica Review – WWE Shop

The WWE Shop’s highest quality replica belt for all customers: the Elite Series WWE Championship comes on real leather with cubic zirconia hand placed in the gold-plated plates. See the details here.

This particular WWE Championship has undergone numerous name changes since its debut in mid-2014. It was meant to be a single belt for the unified WWE Championship and WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was thus called the (Undisputed) WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Collectors often call it the WWE Championship Network Logo because it has a giant WWE Logo on the front that was debuted around the time the WWE Network became available. At this time it is carried alongside the WWE Universal Championship, and together they are called the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

This particular replica is the Elite Series replica available on the WWE Shop, the highest quality replica only second to the TV Authentic Replicas which might make their appearance once a year. The Elite Series is available year round at a base price of $1999.99.

This WWE Championship Elite Series replica features 383 princess-cut Cubic Zirconia, hand-placed within Zinc-Alloy plates. The Shop previously listed the plates as 10-Karat gold plated but now only says zinc alloy. All plates are on a 100% top grain leather strap that measures approximately 50.39″ x 11.02″ x 0.2″ (suitable for up to 46″ waists).

The main plate of the WWE Championship 2014 measures approximately 10.16″ x 10.16″. It is one complete piece, but is hollow to keep weight and price down. The entire belt weighs approximately 6 lbs. The two side plates measures approximately 5.94″ x 5.51″, and the inner circular pieces with the WWE Logo and red globes can be removed and replaced with other side plates available on the WWE Shop. Between the main plate and side plates are metal bars that are about the same length as the long edge of the side plates.

Although the strap is said to be top-grain leather, the strap I have feels very stiff. Only the Elite Series patch on the back and the textured patch behind the main plate felt soft like leather. The rest felt as if it was sealed or faux leather.

A seashell tooling is imprinted on the strap around the three main plates. The WWE logo is also pressed into the strap on the left and right sides, and are surrounded by diamond tooling and a rough-textured background. The snap boxes also have a textured stamping. There are 8×2 male snaps and 5×2 female snaps. Finally, a metal belt tip is on the end of the strap near the female snaps.

This is an excellent official replica, but can definitely be better. As mentioned earlier, the strap isn’t nearly as soft or flexible as a real leather strap should be–although I purchased mine on eBay and really begin to wonder if it was a bootleg strap. I truly don’t know if Elite Series replicas are no longer gold-plated, but if they are not then the price should be dropped dramatically. The cubic zirconia stones are beautiful, but since they are not drilled through the plates, they do not sparkle as well as they should and they can easily pop out if the belt takes a bump. The side bars between the main plate and side plates are much flatter than the TV authentic replica, so much so that third-party vendors have begun manufacturing and selling more authentic bars that fit these straps.

It is probably better and cheaper to buy a WWE Championship Replica for less than $300 (used), get it restoned for another $450, buy bigger side bars for $60, and get a high quality leather strap if you want for $350. The quality will be much better and the price will be cheaper than a full-priced Elite Series belt.