WWE Championship 2014 Deluxe Replica Review – WWE Shop

The deluxe replica of the WWE Championship 2014 has the same metal plates as the basic adult replica, but the strap is made of real leather. Is it worth the price? Full review here.

This particular WWE Championship has undergone numerous name changes since its debut in mid-2014. It was meant to be a single belt for the unified WWE Championship and WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was thus called the (Undisputed) WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Collectors often call it the WWE Championship Network Logo because it has a giant WWE Logo on the front that was debuted around the time the WWE Network became available. At this time it is carried alongside the WWE Universal Championship, and together they are called the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The deluxe replica by the WWE Shop has the same zinc alloy metal plates as the regular replica, but the strap is made of top grain leather and the screws on the back of the strap are colored gold like the front plates.

This top grain leather strap is said to be the same as the elite series strap, measuring approximately 50.39″ x 11.02″ x 0.2″ (suitable for up to 46″ waists). The only exception is the description written on the patch sewn on the back of the strap. In all honesty, the deluxe strap feels and smells more like leather than the elite series strap. The deluxe strap wrinkles and flexes like leather, but the elite strap has kept its shape after I had moved it around.

The main plate of the WWE Championship 2014 measures approximately 10.16″ x 10.16″. It is one complete piece, but is hollow to keep weight and price down. The entire belt weighs approximately 6 lbs. The two side plates measures approximately 5.94″ x 5.51″, and the inner circular pieces with the WWE Logo and red globes can be removed and replaced with other side plates available on the WWE Shop. Between the main plate and side plates are metal bars that are about the same length as the long edge of the side plates.

A seashell tooling is imprinted on the strap around the three main plates. The WWE logo is also pressed into the strap on the left and right sides, and are surrounded by diamond tooling and a rough-textured background. The snap boxes also have a textured stamping. There are 8×2 male snaps and 5×2 female snaps. Finally, a metal belt tip is on the end of the strap near the female snaps.

The base price of the deluxe replica is $749.99. The only difference between the deluxe and elite series replicas is the fact that the elite series has cubic zirconia stones drilled into the plates, yet the elite series is over twice the price at $1999.99!. The deluxe replica fits in an unusual spot of not being the best nor the most affordable replica, which might be the reason why it is rarely in stock. Although the plates are the same as the normal replica, the strap does somehow feel better than the elite series strap. Regardless, it is probably cheaper and of better quality to buy a basic adult replica and then purchase a real leather strap from a third party vendor.