WWE Championship 2013 V2 Replica Review – Figs Toy Co

Although this Championship only lasted one year, many fans fell in love with the design, and three different replicas have been made! See the great detail of the WWE Championship 2013 replica from Figs Toy Co.

On February 18, 2013, The Rock unveiled a brand new WWE Championship design, officially retiring the spinner belt. It was unified with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by December of 2013, but this belt design was still used until the new championship was revealed on August 18, 2014.

There have been three different replicas designed after the real WWE Championship 2013. This replica is the V2 from the Figures Toy Company, which features 3D plates that range from 5mm-7mm thick. Unfortunately, the side plates cannot be swapped out like the V1 from Figs and V3 from the WWE Shop, but they can be unscrewed and removed from the back of the side plates.

This entire belt measures 51 inches from end to end, and fits up to a 46 inch waist. The strap is made out of faux leather that flexes like the real thing, yet is still stiff enough to hold up on its own. In total the belt weighs 7.4 lbs.

A number of tooling designs decorate the faux leather strap. A patch is glued onto the strap behind the main plate, and a series of oval scratch-looking shapes are pressed onto this patch giving a textured appearance to the faux leather.

The common seashell tooling is pressed onto the strap around the three primary metal plates. A WWE logo tooling is stamped on the left and right sides of the strap with diamond shapes surrounding the logos. The snap boxes have oval shapes pressed into the faux leather similar to the oval shapes behind the main plate. These snap boxes hold 5×2 female snaps on the right and 8×2 male snaps on the left. The end of the strap has a gold-colored metal belt tip near the female snaps.

There are three plates and two bars attached to the strap. All are made out of metal, have a slight curve to them, and have a golden mirror finish. The main plate is a heptagon shape measuring approximately 10 x 10.25 in (25.5 x 26 cm). The WWE scratch logo is in the center of this main plate and filled with numerous simulated diamonds and rubies. Below the logo is the word CHAMPION engraved in the metal and outlined in black paint.

There are numerous simulated diamonds and rubies that outline the main plate. Large white jewels that are square in shape make up the majority of the simulated diamonds: nineteen on top, thirteen on the right, thirteen on the left, ten on the bottom-right, and ten on the bottom-left. Five of the corners have sections of three circular red jewels and six circular white jewels. These sections are located on the bottom corner, top-left, top-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right of the main plate.

Between the two side plates and the main plate are two bars that measure 6 in (15.2 cm) long. They are taller than both the V1 and V3 side bars, which is more accurate to the real belt.

The two side plates are trapezoid in shape, with the longest side facing the main plate. These side plates mirror each other and measure approximately 6 x 5.5 x 4.25 x 5.5 in (15 x 14 x 10.5 x 14 cm). The edges are outlined in numerous simulated diamonds just like the main plate. In total, there are thirteen square jewels on the right side with two small circular jewels on the top and bottom, ten square jewels of different sizes on the left side with two circular jewels on the top and bottom, twelve square jewels of different sizes on the top, and twelve square jewels of different sizes on the bottom.

In the center of the side plates are removable and swappable medallion-like plates. These unscrew from the back of the side plates after removing them from the strap, and two small simulated diamonds are on the opposite ends of the screws. Unfortunately, these plates cannot be swapped with the side plates sold by the WWE Shop, but they can be swapped with each other.

The default side plates have the WWE logo engraved in the middle with black paint outlining the design. This logo is set on a red globe that is outlined in 25 simulated square diamonds. One globe shows the Americas, Europe, and part of Africa while the other globe shows Africa, Australia, and Asia. An engraved crown filled with black paint is just above this red globe.

The WWE Championship 2013 V2 was the last WWE Championship made by the Figures Toy Company. The story goes that the terrible quality of the V1 WWE Championship 2013 caused the WWE to find another manufacturer. The V2, on the other hand, has incredible and color. The simulated jewels appear to be bigger than the others versions, the bars are taller, and the bright red 3D casted globes really pop. The only downside to this replica is the fact that the WWE Shop side plates will not fit in the side plates of this replica. The prices have varied for this replica, usually from $250 – $400, but it is no longer being produced while the WWE Shop is still manufacturing their version of this replica that retails for $400.