What is Kodomomuke?

What is Kodomomuke? A type of anime or manga direct at a particular demographic! More info here.

Kodomomuke (子供向け) is a Japanese term used to categorize anime or manga aimed at children up to pre-teens. In fact, the word Kodomo means children and Muke means for or toward, so Kodomomuke pretty much means for children.

As you would expect, many Kodomomuke anime and manga have simplistic, non-episodic stories with good morals. Kodomomuke anime or manga may be cute in style like Hello Kitty, or it can be more adventurous like Doraemon and Pokemon; however, the lines sometimes get blurred into the older age groups like with Pokemon.

This is just one of five different types of Anime and Manga directed at certain demographics. For more demographic groups, see my articles on Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, and Josei. And don’t forget, you can find more information on subculture terms just like this in my growing Otaku Encyclopedia.