Website Issues

Issues came up at one of the worst possible times! Pokémon Sun and Moon walkthrough coming soon…

I’ve been trying to login to my website for nearly two weeks, but I have been unable to because of stupid plugin issues and not enough time to resolve them. I’ve had a little time to make some new videos for my YouTube channels, but not much extra time to flush out the website problem.

As everyone can see, I have access to my site again. I’ll try to do updates once the school semester is over, which is rapidly approaching, and I’ll make sure to update the Pokémon Sun and Moon guide.

I noticed a reached a new high in website views the day Pokemon released. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to update the guide, not just because of site issues but also because my 3DS has been out for repair. When it comes back, you can be sure to see full written and video walkthroughs. People going to IGN may have noticed the new people working on Pokémon Sun and Moon copied a lot of my work from past guides and passed it on as their own. It’s frustrating in 18 different ways!