Video Game Options That Should Be Standard

Gaming is here to stay, so there are a few video game options that really should be standard by now.

There are people from so many different backgrounds that love video games. Unfortunately, they may not be able to play all games for one reason or another, or they’ll have a lot of trouble. That’s why I believe certain game options should be standard by now — or dare I say mandatory?!

I’m not going to be a huge tech geek and say things like field or view or advanced graphical options should be available on all video games. Those options may be cool, but they really aren’t necessary. The options I’m referring to are Color Blind Filters, Subtitles, and Button Mapping.

Color Blind Filters

Taken from Faunceify's YouTube channel. He does these comparisons every year.
Taken from Faunceify’s YouTube channel. He does these comparisons every year.

According to, 8% of men and 0.5% of women around the world have some form of color blindness. Monochromacy (complete color blindness) is very rare, but the other forms can be supported with certain options. I first noticed color blind options in Call of Duty games a few years back. If Call of Duty can do it, a game that hardly changes each year, why can’t others?! The only reason some people argue against these is because it may give players a slight edge in some areas.



According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “about 10% of the world’s population suffers from hearing loss and about half of these cases can be attributed to auditory damage caused by exposure to intense noise.” Unlike color blindness, troubles with hearing can happen suddenly. Adding subtitles in video games if there are voice overs shouldn’t be too much to ask for! Hell, some people with perfect hearing may like subtitles because they’re trying to keep the volume down and they don’t have a headset. Another reason may be because they love listening to video games in a different language, but they don’t fully understand that language.

Button Mapping


For those that don’t know, button mapping is the option of placing game controls on any button you like. If you want Jump to be R2 or shoot to be L3, you can set it there. Not only would this be convenient for any gamer, it would really help those that don’t have full use of both their hands or all of their fingers. Some of us may have seen those videos of paralyzed or nearly paralyzed gamers trying their best to play video games using certain programs and controls. Button mapping should make things a bit easier for them and really all gamers out there.

Can you really disagree with any of these options? If you can, leave a comment below. Well, you can leave a comment if you do agree, or if I missed an option you think should be standard in video games by now!