Update on Comic and Stories Categories

I wanted to make a quick update in regards to two categories on my site.

About two years ago I tried making categories for comics and stories. I made about two posts and pretty much left them alone. I’ve had a ton of other work to do over this time frame, and I’m sure most of you can see how I have my hands in a number of different areas.

After much consideration, I decided to abandon the comics category. I just feel it’s not exactly my style. However, I have always enjoyed telling and listening to stories, so I’m going to try and revive the stories category in the near future. I want to take some common urban legends or myths and re-tell these stories using my own skills. I may even take legends from other cultures that most English speakers haven’t heard. I’d also like to write a few of my own original stories, and I even have a method I want to test.

I hope things can come out like I plan. We’ll just have to wait a see. My story telling muscles still need some flexing, and I feel my site is the perfect place to do it!