Twitch Streaming: Coming Soon?

I think it’s about time I start streaming some gameplay on Twitch. More info inside!

Some of you may have noticed the new Twitch button at the top of the website next to my YouTube channel and other links. Well, I tried streaming some gameplay a short time ago as a test run (it was Half-Life), and I decided to do a little bit more in the future for fun. I think I’ll be doing my first OFFICIAL Twitch Stream this weekend. It may be Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday (May 2nd – 4th), depending on my availability. If you’re following me on Twitter, or if you have my Facebook page liked, it’ll announce the second I start streaming.

I’ll be playing some Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd, and maybe Project DIVA F. Why did I choose those? Since I’m just starting up, I figured I’d pick a game that still entertains people even if I’m not entertaining myself. There are some pretty great songs and music videos attached to them. I’ll choose any song that you ask for in the Twitch chat, play it on any difficulty, and I may even allow you to choose the challenge items.

If you don’t see my twitch channel button at the top of this website, you’re probably not scrolling all the way up! Hee hee. You can also follow the link HERE. I hope I get a number of viewers, and I hope to do this a bit more regularly with a huge variety of games. I have something planned for the summer, which technically starts in a month! Stay tuned.