Titanfall Guide

Here’s a complete Titanfall Guide with everything you need to know.

For those that don’t know, Titanfall has been running an Alpha for about a month on their multiplayer-only game. The Beta opened up a few days ago to select people with a code, and now it’s open to everyone on the Xbox One with PC to follow soon. I added info to IGN’s Titanfall Wiki when it was first announced at E3, and now I updated it with even more info. I will be working on the full game when it releases on March 11th.

Check out the wiki if you plan to play, and tell me what your thoughts are in the comments. Personally, I think it’s a pretty solid game. I just hate how melee kills from the front are instant kill, mainly because you can have a cloaking ability to make you invisible and other perks to make you incredibly fast on an already agile, wallrunning, jetpacking pilot! I also hate how there’s an auto-lock on pistol. That is just plain stupid.

Update 1

We’re just a few days before release day. I’ve been adding a ton of leaked information and cleaning up the wiki. I’ll post another update when everything is all finished up.

Update 2

The Titanfall guide is now complete. All information is up on the Wiki, but I’m still waiting for them to add my videos.