Sword Art Online Asuna Figma Review

This Sword Art Online Asuna Figma 178 is the perfect match for Kirito, but how great is it on its own?

The Sword Art Online Asuna figma by Max Factory has a handful of parts to give you a number of customization options. You can see a few examples on the back of the box.

This figure stands at 13.5 cm tall. The joints for this figma are located at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hip/legs, knees, and ankles.

The hair at the back of her head also has a joint to make it look like she’s moving quickly forward. Additionally, the bottom of her coat is broken into two halves and can be positioned in various ways.

The figure is mostly a hard plastic, but some parts of her hair are a softer, rubbery plastic. Her skirt, tops of her shoes, and the skirt-like part on her coat are also rubbery. The skirt-like part on her coat has a small hole on her left side that is used to connect one of two sheaths to her hip. Furthermore, one hole can be found at the top of her back to connect the base arm to the figure.

Asuna comes with a handful of optional parts. There are three faces total: a smiling face, angry face, and embarrassed face with puffed out cheeks. There are also four extra hand options, giving her a total of five sets of hands, and a tiny wrist sleeve to place between the arm and the hand. One particular hand option is needed to hold one of her swords.

Two swords and two sheaths are also included, but only one sheath can be attached to her at a time. Honestly, I only remember the sword with the red sheath.

Finally, the figure comes with this green, pointy object. Slide the sword into the hollow pointy object to give the appearance of a really quick stabbing attack.

And that’s everything that comes with the Sword Art Online Asuna figma. There aren’t a ton of options compared to some figma out there, but I think there are a decent amount for the price, and the figma is a really high quality figure. Luckily the price hasn’t gone too high like it has with the Kirito figma.

If you’d like to buy one yourself, grab it off of Amazon using my link below. If you use my link, I’ll get a small kickback to help power my website and YouTube channels. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything extra!