Switching to WordPress

As you all can see, I made the switch to WordPress.

It definitely wasn’t easy to make the switch. I tried out WordPress a few years back before I even had my own website. I even tried it out a bit later when I did get my own website. There were some things I loved and some things I didn’t like at all. Now that it has made great leaps and strides, I decided to switch back again. I was originally using Joomla. That system was pretty good, but I had many reasons for abandoning it.

The plugins here on WordPress are a bit different compared to Joomla. I tried installing one and ended up causing a huge error. Luckily, I was able to fix it through FTP. I’m currently transferring most of the articles from Joomla to WordPress. I decided to do them by hand because I wanted a clean install, and there was some mark up from Joomla plugins that wouldn’t work here on WordPress. Nobody will be able to see this post until I’m done, but I hope I can find the right look for this blog. Update: All content has now been added over!

I decided not to bring over some of the “news” type articles. I don’t think covering news is for me, especially with the time I have these days. I will still give opinions about certain things in Gaming-Related News, but it most likely will not be breaking news or upcoming news. These editorials will be strongly opinion based, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be biased!

Readers may have also noticed a few new sections. I hope to add a lot more material, sections, and even a whole new layout/theme in the coming days and months, but I don’t have too much extra time on my hands. Some of that costs money too, and I’m cheap ^_^;

What do my readers think about the new blog? Leave a comment below!