Switching from Site 5 to Dream Host

I made another change in web hosts to keep my website strong!

Those who commonly visit this website will have definitely noticed how messed up hxchector.com has been. Originally, my website was attacked and taken down for several weeks. You can read more about the DDOS attack here.

I had been using Site 5’s web hosting for four and a half years. The upside to Site 5 is the amount of options you have at your fingertips. Of course, if you’re not a professional, you wouldn’t want to tinker around too much and screw up your site. The biggest downside is their terrible customer service.

I dealt with Site 5’s terrible customer service before, and since I usually like to do things solo I figured I’d give them one more chance after the attack. My website has been growing since 2011, and it’s obvious that the shared hosting packages aren’t big enough to serve my audience. I made the decision to take a big step forward towards Virtual Private Servers!

Site 5 does free site migrations, and since I had never used a VPS before, I wanted the “professionals” to take care of it for me. Several days later there was absolutely no progress made. I bugged live chat and sent support tickets until they did something and claimed my website was migrated successfully. Unfortunately, the website was a blank white page with black text that said database error. The tech support said everything was fine on their end. Believe it or not, Site 5’s support has done this for me before. Live chat has even told me countless times to clear my browser cache, which then disconnects the live chat!

I ditched Site 5 and went to Dream Host after some VPS research. While they promise site migration within 48 hours, they charge $99 for doing so. On the upside, their VPS packages were cheaper and better than Site 5. I partnered up with the tech support, and we got the site migrated within 48 hours. Everything seems to be loading up real quick, but I’m running into a few issues here and there with images.

The final thing to do was cancel my site5 service and get a refund, right? I contacted Site 5, but they said they can’t issue a refund on that $777 because the 15 day warranty is only for new accounts. So if you’ve been a loyal customer for years and dealt with their terrible customer service, they won’t help you like they would new customers. I’m still fighting this, and hopefully I can give a positive update in the near future!

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