Steam Summer Sale 2017

The Steam Summer Sale for 2017 has begun, but it’s not the same as usual.

For some time now the Steam Summer Sale has been the most anticipated gaming sale of the year! Unfortunately, with more and more sales happening throughout the year, the Summer Sale has been losing its punch.

While there are still some great sales on games, the majority of big titles don’t get much of a cut in price anymore. The biggest disappointment is the lack of highlighted daily sales and flash sales. Even community picks are no where to be found. It was always exciting to wait for the countdown timer to see the next set of flash sales where games would get massive cuts for a short period of time. Now it’s just a plain old sale.

June 22, 2017 is the first day of the Steam Summer Sale, so it’s possible something might change over the next two weeks up until July 5th. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. It seems like Steam is focusing more on stickers, cards, and badges over anything else.

As for me, I plan to get Resident Evil VII and Outlast 2. I might get some of the older Resident Evils, Final Fantasy, Far Cry 4, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. We’ll see how things go. What is on your wishlist for this year’s Steam Summer Sale?