State of Decay Guide

Yet another zombie game has made an appearance, but this one is getting  a bit of a following.

State of Decay is an open world Zombie game that allows you to group together with survivors, gather resources, build a home base, and kill a shit ton of zombies, of course! There are many short missions that can be completed to help out others or progress a story with another survivor group. This is an Xbox Live Arcade game, so don’t expect it to run very well. It doesn’t look too great, it has a ton of glitches, and it’s pretty short, but that’s why it only costs $20. Personally, I’d say the worst things about this game is how there is only autosave and the game will continue going when you stop playing. Basically, you have to play this game a bit every day or your survivors can die or run out of supplies. For a full guide on all the missions and basics, check out the IGN State of Decay Guide by yours truly.