Slender: The 8 Pages Review

Continuing with the summer horror theme, here’s a quick review on the popular game, “Slender.”

Slender has become a very popular PC game in the short time it’s been available. Chances are you have already heard of it. If not, here’s  a quick summary:

The independent, free to play game, Slender, is based on the mythological creature known as Slender Man. Never heard of Slender Man? Know Your Meme has got you covered.

Slender has you walking around a forest at night with nothing but a flashlight. The objective is to find eight pieces of paper with a scribbling related to Slender Man on them. These pieces of paper are usually found around structures like outdoor restrooms or big propane containers. While you’re searching for these drawings, Slender Man will be following behind you. Do not look towards Slender Man for too long, or he will capture you and end the game. If you see him, run! He will most likely chase after you.

Of course, the game isn’t that simple. There are certain mechanics built in to make the game a bit more challenging.

  • The more you run, the lower your overall stamina becomes. Only run when necessary.
  • The more papers you collect, the more Slender Man will come after you.
  • Only use the flashlight when necessary. The battery will eventually die if you take too long.
  • Turning off the flashlight will also reduce the time for Slender Man to get you (Static building on screen) while looking at him. It also makes him move more erratic.

Slender is a very fun indie game to play when you have some extra time to spare. It’s even better when playing alone in a dark room. For an free indie game, it’s pretty fun. If they charged you a cent, I’d say pass it up.

Download Slender Here

Fun Times With Slender

Many people have been recording themselves playing Slender, and Rooster Teeth is no different. Check out their awesome video below.