Skylanders Trap Team Walkthrough

The Skylander Trap Team guide is now complete!

The next guide I’m working on is Skylanders Trap Team. I’m contracted by IGN to write this one, so the entire guide will be up on their website. You can find the IGN Wiki by clicking THIS LINK.

The entire guide includes a Story Mode walkthrough, Kaos Mode tips, Arena mode tips, achievements and trophies, guide for beginners or parents, and information on all Skylanders and Villains.

The Story Mode walkthrough may never be at 100%. Unfortunately, money hungry Activision and Toys For Bob made it impossible to unlock all areas without the new Trap Master Skylander toys ($15 each). You need a Trap Master of all eight elements to unlock the elemental gates. At this time, you can’t even buy Trap Masters from all eight elements, and my boss didn’t want to buy them for me either! You will also need traps for all eight elements because some areas are locked until you complete a Villain’s Quest. On top of that, they have a new Unknown Element! Some believe this will be new Dark and Light elements, but no official info has been released at this time.

If you’d like to buy Skylanders Trap Team, click the image below and get it on Amazon. Using this link will help power my site, and it won’t cost you anything extra!