Site Update and To-Dos

I’ve made a few more updates, but I still have other things to do. Give me your feedback! (Updated 7/16/2014)

The last update post I made was the Failed Site Update. It was about how my new theme had a number of problems. Some problems I solved, but one is still causing trouble for people on widescreen monitors when using Chrome. I’ve been talking to the theme author in hopes of fixing it.

I’ve been tinkering around a ton within the blog itself. I’ve fixed up some pages, added a ton more content, ported stuff, etc. I think I’ll be sticking to guides within WordPress for now. I have too much to learn when it comes to Wikis and add-on sites, so that stuff may not come for a long while.

Speaking of guides, I hope to create guides for Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy X-2 sometime soon. I’m not entirely sure when I’ll have the time to sit, play, and write, but those are on my radar. I’d also like to write a guide for Persona 3 FES and maybe Bravely Default. Those ones are huge maybes at the moment. Everyone seems to love my Persona 4 guide, and I definitely want to write a Persona 5 guide when that game launches. Also, I was thinking about creating a master list of sorts for my guides. Instead of coming across a paginated list of my guides in blog form (Like This), I may just write a page with an ordered list of my guides and links to their pages. I’m sort of iffy on that right now, so I’d like to hear some feedback. At this time, the Guides page is a chronological list of my guides from latest to oldest. The My Guides and IGN Guides pages list my guides in alphabetical order.

I’m sure you have all noticed the few new galleries I put up. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Anime(ted) Gifs. I have a new one planned, but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it. I hope to do it before the end of the month.

There’s also a new donate button at the bottom of my site. If anyone wants to be so generous, they can send money to me via PayPal! I don’t get enough money at this time to make a living. All this stuff (including work from IGN) is as good as a side job. I make a ton more money from IGN than from ads on my website and YouTube channel, which is why I write guides for IGN instead of specifically for my website.

So, that’s about it. I’m happy to hear any feedback from my readers on any parts of my blog.

One more Update! I switched my permalinks so the date no longer shows up in the URL. Don’t worry, if you are still using an older URL, it should redirect to the newer one. You can also bookmark the new URL if you had a page previously bookmarked. Dates in URLs are best left with News websites. You can still see the date of posts at the top of the article.