Shuichi Shindou Cosplans

I want to break from the norm with this Gravitation Cosplay.

A lot of male anime characters don’t have the same flare as female characters. They’re usually stoic and brooding, or just flat out plain. My last several cosplays show this.

So, I looked over all the anime I’ve seen to hopefully find a male character I could cosplay that is a bit more fun and colorful. That’s when I came across my Gravitation DVDs! I figured I could cosplay as Shuichi Shindou.

I looked around google images for other Shuichi Shindou cosplayers, and most of them had the costume found at the top of this page. I wasn’t able to find the same yellow coat, and I’m a bit embarrassed to show off that much skin in public. Althought it would probably fit with all those Love Live cosplayers I see these days.

I looked for other pictures of Shuichi and found images with these plain clothes. I might just do those clothes with a mic and MAYBE a Kumagoro plushie. I know Kumagoro is Ryuichi Sakuma’s, but there was a short time when he lent it to Shuichi.

If anyone knows where I could find the coat similar to the first picture, please let me know in the comments below! I’ll make another blog with pictures if I get this cosplay together. I hope to get it together by SacAnime Summer 2016.