ROH Championship V4 Replica Review – Figs Toy Co

The fourth and final version of the Ring of Honor Championship was released by the Figures Toy Company in 2020. See how this huge replica stacks up.

The 2020 pandemic hit many businesses hard, and Ring of Honor was no exception. It appeared that the company was financially restructuring by 2021, but the owner of AEW, Tony Khan, jumped in and purchased ROH in early 2022. Many ROH wrestlers were then seen on AEW television, including the final holder of the ROH V4 Championship, Johnathan Gresham. Mr. Gresham won the title in December 2021, and lost it in July 2022 to Claudio Castagnoli, who then reverted to using the ROH V1 Championship.

The V4 was given this large adult size replica in 2020. It is considered a next generation style replica because of its 3D etched plates. All five plates measure 4mm thick, are colored gold with some black paint, and shine with a mirror finish. The belt itself measures 58in long and weighs nearly 9 lbs.

The main plate features a removable and engravable nameplate near the top. It is found just above the silver ROH logo, which is inside an etched globe with black-painted continents. There are nine faux diamonds above the globe, and another nine faux diamonds below the globe. Beneath the globe is the words “WORLD CHAMPION” outlined in black. Another faux diamond is placed at the bottom of the main plate. Three more faux diamonds are to the left of the globe, and another three faux diamonds are to the right of the globe. These six jewels are all within floral etching. Finally, 12 faux rubies are placed along the curved, black line on the left side of the main plate, and another 12 faux rubies are along the black line on the right side of the main plate.

The first two side plates are completely identicle. They feature the ROH logo in the middle of the plate on a black-painted background. Around this background are more etched designs with more faux jewels. Four faux diamonds are on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the side plate. A total of 12 faux rubies are placed around the side plate, three on the bottom-left, three on the bottom-right, three on the top-left, and three on the top-right of the side plate.

The second two side plates are not identical. One side plate features Asia and Australia etched on a black-painted ocean. The other side plate features Europe and Africa etched on a black-painted ocean. One faux diamond is on the top and one faux diamond is on the bottom of these side plates. Three faux rubies are on the left and another three faux rubies are on the right sides of these side plates.

All five plates are surrounded by a seashell tooling stamped along the polyurethane strap. On the back side of the strap is a patch with all the licensing information for the championship replica.

The snap boxes on the ends of this belt have a unique tooling that appears to be a number of lines, almost similar to the seashell tooling but not as curved. There are 6×2 male snaps and 6×2 female snaps on this belt. The words “Figures Toy Company” are stamped on the end of the strap near the male snaps, and a metal belt tip is placed on the end of the strap near the female snaps. The belt tip is gold in color with a black-painted square. Inside this square are etched words. The first word is “WORLD,” followed by “CHAMPION.” Below this says “RING OF HONOR,” then the ROH logo, and finally the word “WRESTLING,” which is often how the entire ROH logo is displayed.

This is an excellent ROH Championship V4 replica, but a lot of the etched designs are still shallow for a 4mm plate with “next gen 3D etching.” It doesn’t look like a deluxe replica was ever made, which means collectors will have to stick with the faux leather strap or purchase a third-party leather strap. Thankfully, the faux jewels aren’t too bad, and sparkle nicely in the light. This hefty ROH Championship has gone up in price since it is no longer being manufactured, but it is a nice replica for any ROH fan to add to their collection.