PS4 Power and Eject Buttons

How do you turn on and eject your PS4? Here are the buttons (Updated for PS4 Pro).

Did you just buy a PlayStation 4 and have no idea how to turn it on or eject a disc? I bet you didn’t read the manual and are struggling to read this short how-to guide, as well. The layout of the power and eject buttons change depending on the PS4 version you own.

If you have a non-slim model of the PlayStation 4, the power button can be found just to the right of the black, glossy plastic at the front end of the console. The eject button can be found below the power button, along the same crevice but on the lower half of the console.

Early models of the original PlayStation 4 had a touch interface. Simply touch one of these two buttons to power on the PS4 or eject a disc. Later models replaced the touch buttons with normal tactile buttons. Click the buttons in the same region of the console to power on the PS4 or eject a disc. If there is no disc inside the PlayStation 4, the console will make a beeping noise.

If you have a slim PlayStation 4, the power and eject buttons are found on the left side of the console’s front face. These are along the large crevice across the middle of the console.

The power and eject buttons were moved around a third time when the newest model came out: The PlayStation 4 Pro. This model has two crevasses running across the front of the console. The buttons can be found along the bottom crevice, and are marked with the same power and eject logos as before. The power button is below the Sony logo on the left side of the console, and the eject button is just to the left of the USB ports.

I thought about creating a written version of this article after making this YouTube video all those years ago and getting thousands of views.