Pokemon Sun and Moon Announcement

Pokemon Sun and Moon were announced sometime ago. But where’s Pokemon Z?!

Surprisingly, Pokemon Sun and Moon were announced earlier this year. It’s a brand new set of games that will release at the end of 2016.

I actually heard some news of new Pokemon for a “Generation 6.5” on Reddit, and then I heard a bunch of conflicting info saying Pokemon Sun and Moon were fake because the announcement was leaked by a website with three articles. I even made a video saying they’re probably fake going off of a Forbes article.

About a day later I had to come out with another video saying I was wrong! This really did surprise me because Pokemon Z is no where in sight, yet there’s still all these signs of a Pokemon Z. The newest anime season is called Pokemon XYZ, there are XYZ legends, and the Z legend (Zygarde) has new formes. Either way, it looks like Generation 7 (not 6.5) is coming a lot sooner than we all thought. I do wonder if they’ll still make a Pokemon Z that will also be compatible with Pokemon Sun and Moon.