Pokemon Red and Green Nendoroid 612 Unboxing

This special Pokemon Red and Green Nendoroid set was released in Japan for the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon!

A few months ago I unboxed the Pokemon Trainer Red Champion Ver. Nendoroid. The set was released in the west for the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. What some might not know is how a different set was released in Japan in July for the 20th anniversary. This is the Pokemon Red and Green Nendoroid 612 set.

This set includes the original version of trainer Red. The version in this set was shown in the original video game art work, and a similar version was used in the manga. The colors of Red’s outfit did differ from image to image in the video game manuals, so I was excited to see what they settled on so I can cosplay a more accurate version of Red.

Also included in the set was Red’s rival, Green. He hasn’t changed over the years, so most people know him by the English anime name, Gary. Additionally, a figure of the mythical Pokemon Mew was also included in the set.


Both Red and Green have an alternate face, a Pokeball that can attach to one of the hands, and various arm and hand combos. Red has an attachable backpack, and Green has an attachable necklace. These two figures are held up by the common Nendoroid base and arm. However, Mew is held up by a very thin arm and clear, circular base.


It is an excellent set, as you would expect from Good Smile and Nendoroid. It’s without a doubt a must have for the old school Pokemon fans out there. Click the video at the top of this page to get a closer look at these figures.