Pokemon Lillie and Cosmog Scale Figure from Pokemon Center

This limited edition Lillie and Cosmog Figure from the Pokemon Center is beautiful. Take a closer look!

Awhile back I received a promotional email from the official Pokemon Center website. It was to pre-order an upcoming limited edition Lillie and Cosmog figure. The only picture available of this figure wasn’t even painted! Regardless, I pre-ordered the item and received it months later.

The Lillie and Cosmog Figure is 1/8th scale, stands at 8.7″ tall, and was manufactured by Kotobukiya. There are various types of plastics to make different transparencies between Lillie’s dress and Cosmog, and it works together perfectly. Everything is one solid piece with Cosmog connected to the bag, and Lillie’s foot being screwed onto the base.

There is so much detail from her pig tails down to her toes. In my honest opinion, this figure is better than average. It’s designed and manufactured beautifully, but there were a few painting flaws that I didn’t expect from Kotobukia. I’d say the Lillie and Cosmog figure would be best around a $100 price point.