Viridian City Gym

Head over to the Pokemon Gym in Viridian City to meet up with your Rival yet again. He won’t be able to enter the building, so he’ll ask you who to talk to. Select Professor Oak and return to Pallet Town to speak with the old man.

Professor Oak will be waiting with his grandson inside the Pokemon Lab. He’ll give you a Key Stone, Venusaurite, Charizardite X, Charizardite Y, and Balstoisinite. With these items, you will be able to mega-evolve Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise in battle. Mega evolution only lasts during the fight, and only one Pokemon can mega evolve per battle. With that side quest out of the way, the Viridian City Gym will now be open! Return there now and challenge the final gym.

The Viridian Gym specializes in ground-type Pokemon, although many Trainers will also use fighting-type Pokemon. To get around you must step on the arrow tiles just like in the Rocket Game Corner. Step on the set of tiles to the north to spin to the northeast side of the room. You will spin around to a Pokemon Trainer to the northeast.

Ace Trainer Samuel

Nidoking ♂ Lv.48 Type Poison/Ground
Earthquake Megahorn
Ground Physical Bug Physical

Defeat Samuel to receive P4,800. Step on the next arrow tile pointing to the west. This will take you to a Trainer at the southwest corner of the gym.

Tamer Cole

Nidorino ♂ Lv.47 Type Poison
Toxic Fury Attack
Poison Status Normal Physical
Poison Jab Horn Drill
Poison Physical Normal Physical
Rhyhorn ♂ Lv.47 Type Ground/Rock
Drill Run Take Down
Ground Physical Normal Physical
Megahorn Rock Slide
Bug Physical Rock Physical

Defeat Cole to receive P2,820. After the battle, step on the next tile to the north. This will spin you towards another Trainer.

Ace Trainer Kelly

Nidoqueen ♀ Lv.48 Type Poison/Ground
Earthquake Superpower
Ground Physical Fighting Physical

Defeat Kelly to receive P4,800. Step on the tile ahead to reach the next Trainer.

Ace Trainer Yuji

Dugtrio ♂ Lv.47 Type Ground
Slash Sucker Punch
Normal Physical Dark Physical
Earthquake Fissure
Ground Physical Ground Physical
Rhyhorn ♂ Lv.48 Type Ground/Rock
Earthquake Take Down
Ground Physical Normal Physical
Megahorn Rock Slide
Bug Physical Rock Physical

Defeat Yuji to receive P4,800. Next to this Trainer is a Revive. The nearby tile will take you back to the entrance. Now that you battled the Trainer to the west, the path will be open to walk onto the blue tiles. If you’re colorblind, the blue tiles are the ones directly to the right of the Tamer standing at the southwest side of the building. The blue tiles will take you to the center of the room where two more Trainers will be waiting.

Tamer Jason

Sandslash ♀ Lv.47 Type Ground
Dig Protect
Ground Physical Normal Status
Swords Dance Slash
Normal Status Normal Physical

Defeat Jason to receive P2,820.

Black Belt Takashi

Graveler ♂ Lv.47 Type Rock/Ground
Earthquake Double-Edge
Ground Physical Normal Physical
Rock Slide
Rock Physical

Defeat Takashi to receive P1,316. That will take care of all the normal Trainers in the gym. Step on the tiles to the north to reach the Viridian Gym Leader.

Gym Leader Giovanni

Dugtrio ♂ Lv.49 Type Ground
Earthquake Sucker Punch
Ground Physical Dark Physical
Normal Physical
Nidoqueen ♀ Lv.49 Type Poison/Ground
Earthquake Super Fang
Ground Physical Normal Physical
Dark Physical
Nidoking ♂ Lv.49 Type Poison/Ground
Earthquake Horn Drill
Ground Physical Normal Physical
Megahorn Poison Jab
Bug Physical Poison Physical
Rhydon ♂ Lv.50 Type Ground/Rock
Earthquake Rock Slide
Ground Physical Rock Physical
Bug Physical

That’s right, the leader of Team Rocket is the leader of Viridian City’s Gym. He specializes in ground-type Pokemon, which are weak to water-, grass-, and ice-type attacks. Do not use fire-, rock-, electric-, poison-, or steel-type Pokemon unless you have the power and speed to take them out first. Defeat Giovanni to receive P8,000, the Earth Badge, and TM41 Earthquake. The Earth Badge will allow all Pokemon received from trades to obey you in battle, and allow you to finally enter the Pokemon League!

Exit out of the Gym and speak with Blue. Now that Giovanni has left the gym and disbanded Team Rocket, Blue will become the new Viridian City Gym Leader. The next stop is the Pokemon League atop the Indigo Plateau. Heal up your Pokemon, buy some items for the long road, and take the path west of Viridian City to Routes 22 and 23.