Trainer Green Battle

A new female trainer to the video game series appears in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. She is based off the female character that appeared in early concept art of Red and Green, and also appeared in the Pokemon Special manga.

You can find her in the Cerulean Cave after capturing Mewtwo. She will be waiting in the same spot as Mewtwo. After the battle, she will disappear until you defeat the upgraded Pokemon League with the Elite Four and your Rival. Green can then be found standing in the middle of Cerulean City.

Clefable ♀ Lv.66 Type Fairy
Moonblast Light Screen
Fairy Special Psychic Status
Reflect Tri Attack
Psychic Status Normal Special
Gengar ♂ Lv.66 Type Ghost/Poison
Dark Pulse Shadow Ball
Dark Special Ghost Special
Sludge Bomb Will-O-Wisp
Poison Special Fire Status
Victreebel ♂ Lv.85 Type Grass/Poison
Power Whip Poison Jab
Grass Physical Poison Physical
Sucker Punch Leech Life
Dark Physical Bug Physical
Ninetales ♀ Lv.66 Type Fire
Fire Blast Dark Pulse
Fire Special Dark Special
Foul Play Hyper Beam
Dark Physical Normal Special
Kanghaskan ♀♂ Lv.66 Type Normal
Dizzy Punch Sucker Punch
Normal Physical Dark Physical
Thunder Punch Brick Break
Electric Physical Fighting Physical
Mega Blastoise ♂ Lv.68 Type Water
mega blastoise
Hydro Pump Flash Cannon
Water Special Steel Special
Ice Beam Fake Out
Ice Special Normal Physical