Support Play

With the new Support Play feature in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, two players can play the same game together. It’s old school couch co-op reborn! To activate Support Play, set the Nintendo Switch to TV or Tablet Mode, then shake a second joy-con to bring a second player on screen.

This co-op function allows two Trainers to explore the same area, but the “camera” will remain locked to the first player. If the second player goes too far away, they will transport back to the first player. Additionally, only the first play can interact with wild Pokemon on screen.

Once in a wild Pokemon encoutner, the two Trainers can team up to capture wild Pokemon. Make note, all Poke Balls being thrown by either player will come from the first player’s bag. Have both players throw a Poke Ball at the same time to boost its capture powers!

When encounter Trainers or Gym Leaders on your adventure through Kanto, the two Pokemon Trainers in Support Play can team up in battle. It will be two on one like Team Rocket, but the game allows it! The six party Pokemon will be shared between the two Trainers.