Pokemon Centers and Poke Marts

There are two very important building every Pokemon Trainer needs to know about in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee: The Pokemon Center and Poke Mart. These two facilities can be found in every major city in Kanto.

Pokemon Centers will heal your entire party for free! Speak to the nurse behind the main counter to restore HP, PP, and status condition. Talk to all the other Trainers resting in the lobby to learn more about the Pokemon world and even find a few secrets!

If all the Pokemon in your party are defeated in battle, you will return to the last Pokemon Center you healed your team at.

Poke Marts sell various items specifically made for Pokemon. It’s best to pick up healing items to make you adventure go smoothly. The more badges you earn, the more items will become available at the Poke Marts around Kanto.