Fuchsia City

Fuchsia City is located at the southern part of Kanto, just before the open sea. You can reach this town from Celadon City through the Pokemon Road (routes 16-18), or from Lavender Town through the seaside routes 12-15. Either path will require you to wake up a sleeping Snorlax. This can be done with the Poke Flute from Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

The Fuchsia Pokemon Center is located at the southern part of town, a few doors east of the Fuchsia City Gym. Another marvelous move tutor can be found in lobby of the Pokemon Center. This move tutor will teach your partner Pokemon one of the following attacks.

Pokemon Move Element Category Power Accuracy Effect
Pikachu Splishy Splash Water Special 90 100 May cause paralysis on the target.
Eevee Freezy Frost Ice Special 90 100 Eliminates stat changes.
Eevee Sappy Sap Grass Special 90 100 Plants seeds that drain the target’s HP every turn.
Eevee Sparkly Swirl Fairy Special 90 100 Heals the status of your entire party.

The Gentleman in the back-left corner of the Pokemon Center will trade his Alolan Marowak for your Kantonian Marowak. Alolan Marowak are ghost/fire-type, while the original Marowak from Kanto is purely a ground-type Pokemon. The pre-evolved form, Cubone, can be easily found in Rock Tunnel and Pokemon Tower.

The Poke Mart is located to the north of the Pokemon Center. As usual, the items will vary depending on how many badges you have. After earning six of the eight badges, the items below will be available:

Item Price Item Price
Poke Ball 100 Escape Rope 300
Great Ball 300 Repel 400
Ultra Ball 500 Super Repel 700
Potion 200 Max Repel 900
Super Potion 700 Lure 400
Hyper Potion 1,500 Super Lure 700
Max Potion 2,500 Max Lure 900
X Attack 550
Antidote 200 X Defense 500
Burn Heal 300 X Sp. Atk 350
Ice Heal 100 X Sp. Def 350
Awakening 100 X Speed 350
Paralyze Heal 300 X Accuracy 950
Full Heal 400 Dire Hit 650
Revive 2,000 Guard Spec. 700

Safari Zone

North of the Poke Mart is the Safari Zone. Unfortunately, it is not the same Safari Zone as the original Pokemon games. Speak with the man standing near the Lapras to the west. He will teach your Partner Pokemon the secret technique sea skim! With sea skim, you can surf on any body of water to catch even more Pokemon.

You can also find a few secret areas throughout Kanto with sea skim. Return to Celadon City and surf over the small pond / moat in front of the house in the middle of town. Speak with the man to receive TM26 Poison Jab.

GO Park Complex

The building to the north of the Safari Zone is called the GO Park Complex. This facility is used to transfer Pokemon you have captured from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let’s Go. You will need to turn on bluetooth to connect your Nintendo Switch to your Smartphone.

Remember, transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Let’s Go is a one-way process. They can never be returned to Pokemon Go. After transferring the Pokemon to the Let’s Go game, they can be captured within one of the GO Parks. Transfer 25 of the same Pokemon to one of the GO Parks to play a few mini games.

Safari Zone Warden Quest

The Warden of the Safari Zone lives on the southeast side of Fuchsia City. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to understand him the first time you meet. Walk to the shore south of Fuchsia City on route 19 to activate a short scene. Team Rocket will discover a pair of gold teeth in the sand, and quickly shove them over to you.

Give the gold teeth to the Warden to receive a Safari Set for you and your Partner Pokemon. He will also teach your Partner Pokemon the secret technique Strong Push. Use this technique on the block in the back to find a Diglett. Speak with the little Diglett to receive a Nugget.